This is the end. The end, my friends…

Image result for this is the end of the bookYou read that right. This will be the final blog on Personal Branding for Dummies (A Wiley Brand). It is not the actual end of the book. The remainder is a full-on recap of all we have learned to date. So, what I am going to offer in this blog is just that- a review… my way.

You know the drill. Find your copy foImage result for hidden candy stashr a final jaunt through the pages of this awesome-sauce book, pour yourself a cuppa, steal a handful of nibbles from your no-no stash and let’s jump in feet first, shall we?

Turn to page 300 all my amazing pronouns. Okay, so we have another list of things you SHOULD do to be awesome in your brand (and as a person).

1. Be authentic. DUH- don’t be a phony baloney kind of person. It will come back to haunt you.
2. Be interested in others. Don’t assume you know everything about everybody.
3. Find common ground. Talk to people and try to find areas you are both interested in. It can create a solid bond to move forward with.
4. Make yourself attractive- not just pretty. This means you need to dress the part. Don’t slack off. You must be at your best- always.
5. Image result for confetti cannonMind your manners. Throw respect around like confetti. Your efforts won’t be lost on those around you.
6. Practice empathy. Try an see the world through another person’s eyes. A different perspective is always a good thing.



No Finger GIF - No Finger Nope GIFs Things NOT to do:

1. Lack ambition. You don’t have to be the person who wants to run the place, but you should, at least, be ambitious in your own job.
2. My education level is enough. Um, no. Education never stops. We’ve talked about this before. You don’t have to go to Uni to further your chase for knowledge. There are other opportunities- take them.
3. Failure to cooperate. This can lead to a pink slip and the destruction of your brand.
4. No follow through. If you say you will then do it. People depend on your portion to complete their portion. It’s like saying you’ll bring the turkey to Thanksgiving dinner and don’t.
5. No self-discipline. Poor impulse control, lack of structure, laziness…these are all things that can influence not only your job but the workload of others. No one wants to pick up your slack.
6. Image result for the world does not revolve around youNarcissism. This will get a right hardy slap upside the head in my house. The world does not revolve around YOU. In fact, it revolves around ME.
7. Poor management- time, money, and resources. Don’t waste the company’s time, money, or products unless you don’t want worktime, money or resources of your own.
8. Gossip- is an absolute waste of everyone’s time. Do not participate.
9.Image result for thats not my job “That’s not my job.” The unwillingness to step out of your assigned box to do other things within the company is a bad idea. Think about it this way- THEY asked YOU to step out of your box. Even if it seems small, they are still paying attention. This does not mean you allow your higher ups to take advantage of you for their own benefit, but if it will help the whole then step up.

Image result for flipping through a bookNow the rest of the book is not a waste of a read, so if you have it handy then finish it. It is a collection of things we have discussed over the last few months on building, maintaining, adjusting, and growing with your brand.

This was fun and I am glad we took this journey together. I hope you all picked up our new read.

Around the Writer’s Block by Rosanne Bane

Send me recommendations for future reads as I will link interesting books below for you.
Until next time…

Polish your sparkle and just keep twirling.
Find joy. Be joy. Enjoy.
I’m always looking for new friends! 😊

Ace's Odds: Fate's Favor 1 (Obsidian Rim Book 7) by [Carsen, Sela]


This is a link to my mentor’s newest book Ace’s Odds. It is only $3.99 for an eBook and very much worth a read. Sela Carsen is a true talent with 17 books to her name. If you are looking for a fun read, check her out.


O-B*TCH-UARY by [Rani, Ticia]


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