It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas…Traditions.

Depending on which home you visited during the holidays in my crazy, messed up family, you would get everything from the hidden pickle or the grim reaper ornaments tucked in the branches. I did not carry those traditions on into my home. I did learn how to make salt ornaments and that became our family’s tradition. I love spending time with my growing family creating their future Christmas tree ornaments.

Mouse's Reading Nook

For those in the know, or for those who aren’t, I’m currently running an advent book list on my socials.  My Instagram, Mouse’s Reading Nook, is hosting a picture of a book based on a theme each day from December 1st to Christmas Day.  This week’s themes have been Green, Red, Angels, Ornaments and Stockings. Thursday’s book was titled The Broken Ornament by Tony DiTerluzzi which led to the question, do you have a Christmas tradition?  Or a favorite Christmas ornament.

When I was growing up, my Grandmother was the creative one in the family. This is a gene that skipped her grandchildren and fell directly onto her Great-Grandchildren.  Out of the eight grand kids of hers, four of them are artistically creative.

Back to my Grandma.  One year she made ornaments for the grand kids.  Wooden ornaments that she painted, each one.  There were carolers, reindeer, Santa…

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