My Personal Journey: Practical Purging

What do you ‘clean out’ when you purge? Your closet? The garage? The trunk of your car?
How about your life? Do you take steps to clean out the crap in your life? I’m not talking about old scrapbook things. I’m talking about the people that weigh you down.

Spring cleaning!

What do you ‘clean out’ when you purge? Your closet? The garage? The trunk of your car?

How about your life? Do you take steps to clean out the crap in your life? I’m not talking about old scrapbook things. I’m talking about the people that weigh you down.

I LOVE THIS LIST! Grab a copy and build on it.

Here’s some stuff about me y’all don’t know. I am 51 and have had no contact with my extended family for over 24 years. Yup. Years. I also have no intention of reaching out. With my book launches I have gotten an influx of ‘friend requests’ on different social media accts but have deleted them all. Why? Because I will never carry that weight again.

What I mean by weight is the trauma, struggle, judgement, rumors, and abuse in every form. Nope, not gonna do it. I have gotten the obligatory statement of, ‘Ticia, your mother is getting old, and you have family you haven’t talked to in like forever.’

Call me stupid but duh. If I’m in my fifties the chances are pretty good that she is, in fact, getting old. My favorite line in that statement is, YOU haven’t.Isn’t it funny how the blame is always placed on the other person? Don’t get me wrong, peeps, I am not without flaw here. I ain’t perfect and am willing to admit that. I know why I shut that door and have no regrets on doing so, but I am sure I made a blunder or two along the way.

The biggest is closing off my girls from family but that was also why I did it. To close them off from people that would hurt them without pause. I refused to allow that to happen. Growing up sucks, and I am flawed enough to inflict traumatic issues upon my girls all on my own. I was not about to allow people who tormented me as I grew up to inflict the same upon my babies.

The hardest part about closing that door was shutting people behind it that never did me wrong. I know that sounds harsh but hear me out. They are family which means they have contact with those who did do me and mine wrong, and in most cases didn’t believe the things that were said. We want to protect our family members no matter what people say and can prove. ‘They would never!’ Yes, they would. Get your mind out of the creepy-gross possibilities. Yes, that did happen, but trauma is not limited to that.

Any way- back to cleaning. That door, the door that holds all of them back will remain tightly closed with a collection of cobwebs tucked in every corner. The padlock will stay where it is.

On to today’s cleaning.

Today it’s social media. I may not unfriend some people, but I will unfollow with prejudice. If what you post on a regular basis makes my face twist up in disbelief or disgust, then chances are good you will be placed behind a door or removed completely.

What’s funny is people are like, ‘don’t you want the numbers?’ They mean the number of ‘friends’ not actual friends. The answer is no. Yes, I could have a substantial number on my social accts, but I don’t collect numbers. I want to chat with people I enjoy. I want to talk with people I disagree with, but they are open to discussing our differences in an adult fashion. I want people not numbers.

I have several accts, as you know based on all the links I post at the bottom of these pages. Some are cross-over friends while others are different and new. But I will judge you just as harshly. Not only will you not be allowed to attack me, but you will not attack each other on my page. Nope, not gonna happen. I try to have a safe place to talk about anything. There are some weird conversations that occur- not kidding. LOL

Removing people from a social media acct is one thing but removing them from you daily world is another. You would think I would be a pro at this based on how I started this post, but I’m not. Closing that door was easy because I moved away. Like, STATES away. Distance takes away some of the complications. What I’m talking about here is separating yourself from people you can simply bump into at the grocery store. This is harder.

I am still in the midst of doing this with a few people. I’ve talked about this in detail a few posts back if you are needing some back story. Now, you would think it would be done but that would be easy. This has been a process I started a few months ago. You read that right, months. It’s a struggle but I know it will be worth it in the end.

The point here is…

When you start planning your Spring cleaning, think about every aspect of your life that might need some sprucing up. What small act can you do today to remove a long-term obstacle that has been in your way? That can be removing all those clothes you swear you will get into again. They are an obstacle. So is that negative person that greets you every morning on social media or in the breakroom grumbling and hissing about everything. Go to a different breakroom or wait for them to leave before you grab your cuppa.

The longer you are around negative people you become a negative person. You may not be as bad, but it will begin to rub off. Think about who you want to be and surround yourself with those types of people. Dress the part – put on a smile, allow your true glow to flow, and put out what you want in return.

Life is too short to be miserable.


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