Ticia Rani

I am sitting here sipping coffee, because it is cheaper than bail and saves lives, trying to figure out just how to “introduce myself.” You see, I am an introvert with amazing extrovert capabilities. I can work a crowd if I desire but will sleep for 12 hours after because of the amount of energy it takes. Introducing yourself isn’t easy, but maybe it won’t be so bad on a screen. Let’s give it a try, shall we?

The mystery that is my name: Ticia Rani ( Tee-sha Rainy)- it is an amazing name and one of the best birthday presents I have ever received. But, then again, it’s not like I could give it back. I wouldn’t even if I could. I am Ticia. I have created what a Ticia is- therefore, it is mine. Well, it is such a cool name I am more than happy to share it. I think a cute , fluffy, puppy could carry my name quite well. Don’t you?

What do I write and why? Good question, Ticia. Well, I write what I want to read and or know. My books, I wanted to read these stories and couldn’t find them. Ta-da. And. well, O-B*tch-uary was actually a dare from the Hubs. He gave me the title and bet I couldn’t write the story behind it. He lost.

The Blog-Monster is a completely different story. I started out posting about the books as I was writing them, and random life stuff along the way. Eventually, I was being asked questions about the process and the basic how to inquiries of plotting, storyboarding, and what to do once you wrote your book. That’s where the idea of learning as we go came into play. You still get the random life moment along the way and sometimes a recipe or two, but learning is what we do.

The Blog Monster


From the depths of my mind comes…whatever I want to talk about. I know. Right.

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