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O-B*tch-uary by Ticia Rani

O-B*TCH-UARY by [Ticia Rani]





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Hi, my name is Olivia Carpenter, and this is my hair raising, lumpy, bumpy journey. Wanna come? Sure, you do. There’re laughs, fist fights, bra burning parties, nasty drama filled girl snits, baby showers, and death. Let’s not forget that part. Come on, grab a coffee, tea, wine- Oh! Wine, *sigh* Anyway, have a seat and get comfy cuz I have a story to tell.

Did you know the average life span is 28, 835 days? If that didn’t feel short enough, let’s cut that in half?

We each have a finite amount of days, but, on average, we don’t know how many that is. I do. I know my number because it has been stamped on my medical file- Terminal. The question is, how do you live when you know your time is short?

My end started on a cold examination table wearing a threadbare gown.

Turns out, I was hiding a killer under my skin, breast cancer, and it was not a fight I was going to win.

This is how my family and friends learned to live, laugh, and love with my expiration date looming in the background.

Sin Full by Nella Warrent




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A circle of salt.

A crust of bread.

A coin of silver

to release your dead.

He comes to you in your final hours when fear from your actions weigh heavily on your soul. He consumes your darkness and whispers words of solace to release you from your deepest secrets. Grigori Dumah is a sin eater. Would you call him to share in all you have done? Would you call him if you knew he saw what you did? Would you call him if he could decide to leave you to suffer in your sins? Choose wisely.

Grigori is fighting for control. For control over his life and what he does with it. He has been battling restrictions his entire life. Orphaned and left within the walls of the church, he was taken in and trained for the benefit of others. It was and is all about the money they can make off his back. Sadly, his closest friend, Jaelyn, is willing to pimp him out for her benefit as well. Jaelyn Bennet is known on both sides of the tracks. You have a need, and she has a guy, if the money is right.

But there is a sweet spot in Grigori’s world. Eden Grace is the proprietor of his favorite coffee shop and the girl he holds close. But is he letting the darkness of his world into hers? Will he lose her in the shadows cast by his past? Will the serial killer wreaking havoc on his city wreak havoc in his life?

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