The marriage of you and the company


Congrats! You are now a proud member of XXX company, and these are our values. Wait? What? What if the values of the corporation don’t match yours?

Oh snap! Okay, boys, girls, and all my other pronoun friends, let’s get to the nitty-gritty of today’s lesson. Get your copy of Personal Branding for Dummies (A Wiley Brand), highlighter (unless it is loaned to you- DO NOT MESS UP SOMEONE ELSE’S BOOK), a cuppa…today I have a mango, watermelon, banana, and coconut water smoothie. Jealous? You should be. Yum. Grab a handful of something delish and read along.

Let’s cover values. Yours and theirs- XXX company. First, you should have done some research before you applied. This could have been avoided long before the interview process. Get on their website and look around. Google is your friend. Second, you are not bound to this company if their business practices do not fit your moral code. I’m pretty sure you didn’t take a blood oath that bound you to them and if you did, I’ll pray for your soul. #3, think. Can you work within their values? Is there a compromise in there somewhere?

Ah…marriage. I am blessed beyond words to be in an amazing one but…this is marriage #2. The **gasp** first was a nightmare long before the “I do’s”. I married for all the wrong reasons. Do I regret it, no. Thank you, dick face, for showing me everything I did not want out of life. I learned more about myself and that I was much stronger than most gave me credit for. It also taught me to pay attention to what I wanted and what I was willing to compromise on.

This is where you have to be an adult. Try to identify areas where your values and practices overlap with the company. Does your personal brand match the company’s brand? What is your mission, vision, and vales versus theirs? Is there a sweet spot you can settle into? Good. Work within that window.

Compromise is key in every kind of relationship. You must be open to other possibilities. Having choices can give you a feeling of control over your future. Your dedication to self-improvement will only benefit you and those you work with. This is the point behind building your brand.

Ask yourself a few key questions. These can be while you are researching a company to apply to or after you have worked for them.


1. What does the company stand for?
2. What is your brand?
3. How do they compare? If there are more pros than cons you are in a good place. If not- you may need to rethink things.
4. Are you or would you be proud to work there?
5. Do you believe the company will benefit from your particular skill set?
6. Are you in the right job/position for you? If yes, cool. If no, how can you change that?
7. Can your brand grow and expand within this company?
8. Do the company’s ethics align with yours.

Now, these questions can be asked in nearly any relationship. The hard part? Answering them honestly.

Polish your sparkle and just keep twirling.
Find joy. Be joy. Enjoy.
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