Communicating Your Mission

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From the movie Pitch Perfect.

Two of the most boring words you can write are mission statement. Wanna see someone skip ahead a few paragraphs? That’s how. We all had that class on how to write your mission and hated every flippin’ minute of it. But…ain’t there always a but…But as we move forward in this section, we will learn about just how important good communication is and how personal it can be. Doing it right becomes important in more ways than one. Apparently, there is an easy way to craft a quality mission statement. Do I know it? Um, nope, we are gonna learn together.

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I think I can find a bigger one. Maybe.

My mission is to get a bigger cuppa cuz this one seems to hit the bottom far too quickly. No kidding. I swear I just filled this thing and now I need to make a run back to the coffee pot. You? Do you need a refill? Come on, let’s go fill our cuppas and snag a nibble from the breakroom fridge. Doesn’t matter if its yours. I won’t tell. I’ll meet you back here for more, Digital Marketing All-in-One for Dummies, a Wiley Brand. We are journeying through Book one of this monster. Are you ready for more Developing Your Overall Digital Strategy?

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Alrighty, let’s learn this magical way of writing a mission statement that doesn’t make you wanna curl up in a ball and cry. Oh, wait, that’s me. So, it says we can break down this statement into three sections.

  1. Whom you will serv.
  2. What solution you will offer.
  3. The outcome.

The breakdown looks more like this:

  1. The target audience– before anything else, you need to know your niche. Who is your target group? It says here that many companies are afraid to leave anyone out. But you need to do just that. To make what you are doing more powerful you need to focus on one small group. When you tighten your view down to a few select people it becomes clearer and, in the end, may reach more. * My audience is…hmmm…- YOU.
  2. Your solution– simple. Is it? You know what your ‘product’ can do but do you know what it can solve? And how do you put that into words? There went the easy. * I write. What does that solve? Hm…well, I can relieve boredom. Maybe, make someone laugh. Hopefully entertain and enlighten.  Or I can just be a general waste of your time and that’s a thing too.
  3. Your desired effect– Now this is where you lay it all out there. Tell us what your product will do. What need does it meet? * This one is hard. Um, my work satisfies…your need for…mindless dribble and someone to have a cuppa with! Ta-Da! We know why I’m here. WooHoo!
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Okay, enough about me. What do you think of me?

As we look at our goals, whether company based or personal, we need to align our communications with our content marketing strategies. If things don’t line up it will eventually fall like a bad Jenga game.

If you are looking for some examples of mission statements and how to create them, check it out:  ß It works. I checked.

Look, writing a mission statement isn’t easy. If it was, we wouldn’t have hated it so much in class. Some can clip one out and it be magic while others struggle. It takes time and effort, just like creating your ‘product.’ I spend 4+ hours per day writing, not including this blog. I put in the time and effort. Why wouldn’t I do the same for my mission statement? Not everyone will read it, lets be honest, but some will. Those are who you write it for.

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Success is personal. Your ‘product’ is personal. Make it personal.
From the movie You’ve Got Mail.

Please remember that I am not trying to write this book for you word for word. I am skipping a lot of detail. I highly suggest you purchase the book and read between the lines.

Polish your sparkle and keep twirling.

Find joy. Be joy. Enjoy.

I’m always looking for new friends!

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