Make S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Goals Must Be a Priority

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**This post seems timely since New Year’s resolutions are just a matter of a few days away.  **Image result for resolutions free

Prioritize your goals by time frame-

Okay, so yesterday I touched on the importance of setting goals and making the plans necessary to fulfill them. Let’s take that a bit further.

Image result for free funny calendar imagesGo back to the list you created and break the list into smaller workable timelines.

  • Short term- 12 months
  • Medium term- 2-5 years
  • Long term- 6-10 years

Breaking your list down into workable chunks of time can feel less overwhelming and it helps you focus on what is important. Think about it like this- if you have the goals to finish your education and get your dream job- you must finish the education FIRST…right? When you break everything down into workable time periods make sure you put them in order of completion.

Image result for the word smart freeOkay, now, let’s take your short-term goals and write them out in SMART format: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant/Realistic, and Timely.

Specific:  Example- a general goal would be “Get in shape.” A specific goal would be to join a health club and week out X times per week.

If you are like me and you write my base goal would be to “Write a book.” But I would break that down into writing X words per day.

Measurable: How will you measure your progress? Pounds, inches, pages? How will you know when you have achieved your goal?Image result for tape measure gif

  • Weight loss- Have a piece of clothing that is your goal to wear.
  • Writing- typing “The End” is the best indicator of completion. 😊
  • Education- Degree
  • Dream job- Moving your boxes to the corner office!!

Attainable: Make sure the goals you set are attainable. If it is too far of a reach you may give up on even trying. This will only cause frustration. You want the goal to be a stretch but not completely out of reach.

  • Let’s continue with the weight loss goal- say you want to lose 50 pounds. That’s a lot and can be a daunting idea. But if you break it down to 1 to 2 pounds a week it is doable. See? A stretch but not completely out of reach.

Relevant/Realistic: Remember to set your goals high enough to push you. If it comes too easy- set your goals a bit higher next time.

Image result for free clock gifTimely/Time Bound: Each goal should have a timeline attach to it. Without a timeframe, there is no urgency to complete your goal. It is a way to keep yourself accountable.



Friends, Find joy. Be joy. Enjoy.

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