Insights, Opinions, & Goals

** Reminder- we are taking a journey through the AMAZING book-

Personal Branding for Dummies (A Wiley Brand) **

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Insights into how people see you- and why it’s important!

And yes, it is very important.

Image result for what do you think freeAsk…ask…ask! Ask the people in your life what they think when they think of YOU.

Here’s the question to ask: “Hey, when I’m not around and someone says my name, what is the first thing you think of?”

The goal is to get the truth. Even if it is ugly. Hey, youImage result for tell me the truth funny gotta know what needs to be fixed and the only way to know is, well, to be told. If it helps, ask people to write their thoughts and slip them to you anonymously. No one…well, most people, don’t want to drop that bomb in person. This way they are protected but you still get the truth. There are websites that can do this for you. Look for The 360Reach online. It may help.

Image result for moneyWhen we were kids, we received assessments via report cards a few times a year. We (or our parents) were able to see in which areas we excelled and in which we took a nose dive. The closest thing to that we have as adults are our yearly evaluations to see if we have earned a raise. Well, in the field I am trying to break into – that isn’t an option. So, I had to ask.

What do you do when you see yourself differently than others…?Image result for funny eyeglasses

Chances are high you think less of yourself than everyone else does. STOP! You must start seeing your own value. You are a unique individual. Start seeing that.

Now you must build the bridge between who you are and what you want. It is time to act. Goals must be set, and plans made to get there. Outline the changes you wish to make and how to make them. If you have a weakness that must be addressed- how will you do that?

Image result for fear of public speakingExample: You SUCK at public speaking but know it will be a part of the changes you must make. What do you do? Go to activities where you will be with groups of people and TALK to them. Put yourself in situations (small ones to begin with) where you are at the front of the room. Maybe not the keynote person but someone in the group that put them there. You don’t have to jump on a pulpit and give a sermon day one. Take small steps and build your way to that position.

Me- I needed to meet people in my new hometown so…I joined a book club. It is held at the local coffee shop and has a variety of people within the group (old, young, male and female). This gave me an opportunity to meet a variety of people in one place with similar likes- it’s a book club- duh. These people introduced me to other activities in the area that expanded my circle of friends…AND find an amazing coffee house.

Okay- here are some points to work with:

  • Goal setting helps you get a clearer idea of what you want.
  • Goals will help you see what is standing in your way.
  • Writing your goals out will help you subconsciously and push you forward to success.
  • Setting goals will motivate you to make other changes.

Give yourself deadlines to meet. Mark your goals in your calendar. Make a list of all the things you want to accomplish this year (New Year is coming) and build a plan. It can be a career, education, health, money, work advancement, community service, or hobbies. If you plan it then you will make time for it.

Make your goals a priority in your life. Make YOU a priority.

Until next time…

Find joy. Be joy. Enjoy.

Author: Ticia Rani

I am...interesting. I am a writer, dreamer, mom, wife, veteran, friend, villain, and the wearer of many hats, but I don't look good in hats- go figure. I LOVE TO WRITE. I want to tell stories. I want to make you laugh, cry, and scare the crap out of you, and make you ask "why the hell did you do that?" I want to make you cheer my characters on or want to shake the crap out of them for things they say and/or do. I want to bring you along for the ride. Ready? Set?...READ!!!

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