The Battle for Control

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Be on time! Go with the flow. Follow the rules! Create a new way.

Get it done! Creativity takes time.

This is what your brain is doing constantly. It is a battle between the left and right brain. The right brain is all about the big picture, creative, chill side and the left is all business. This is the side that barks at you to get things done in a timely manner. Your right mind is open to new possibilities and can easily think outside of the box. This is where your stories grow. It’s the left side that is tapping its watch and wagging its finger at you to get it done. It is a battle between chaos and efficiency.

Image result for puppy stampedeHow are you this fine day? Awake? Me neither. But the left brain required I get up and do the adulting things. The new puppy spurred that along very early. Like 2:30 am. He’s lucky he is adorable. I’ll post pictures at a later date. Now, Image result for around the writers blockgo find your copy of Around the Writer’s Block by Rosanne Bane. Warm your cuppa, find a nibble or two and once you are settled, turn to page 48.

Chaos and efficiency. Sounds like my office. I call it creative chaos. Or cluttered, as the Hubs would say. It truly is a live image of the battle in my brain. My books are alphabetized and properly shelved. But there are also stacks of papers, art, and silliness scattered around the space. Don’t judge.

Remember, we have been talking about PROCESS, this is the way to give your brain permission to embrace the chaos and creativity trapped in your head. This can also satisfy the left brain because your chaos time can be scheduled. It can have a start and Image result for phone schedulestop time allowing the left to have a touch of control. My day is scheduled out on my phone. It tells me when to get up, what chores I have that day, and to write these posts. I schedule silliness, dinner prep, and Hubs time. No, I am not neurotic. What I am is someone who can get lost in the joy of chaos. I can become so focused on the creative side of life I would forget the adulting part, like cleaning, preparing meals, and errands.

So, when is wasting time not a waste of time? In some people, the idea of playing for the sake of play seems so decadent and wasteful. It is difficult for them to see the value in the PROCESS. This can be considered RESISTANCE. Image result for lets playWhat that means is you will have to try harder to play. Yes, sometimes you have to learn to play.

As we grow, we are taught to focus and “grow up.” Play was for children, or was it? Anything worth doing is worth doing well- even play. It is recommended that you give yourself around 30 minutes a day, five to six times per week to allow your brain to enjoy the PROCESS. Have a few Image result for finger paintingdifferent activities you can choose between and the materials needed to do them. For example, if you plan to paint then have the paint available. Scrapbooking? Do you have what you need? You prepare to write with paper, pens, computer- why not do the same for other activities. PROCESS is what allows your creativity to flow. This will help your PRODUCT TIME to pay off later.


My PROCESS choices are (fill in as many options as possible):




I will do PROCESS for (number of) _______ minutes a day on (number of) _____ days of the week on (list of days) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Signed: _____________________________________ Date: _________________

Witnessed by: ________________________________ Date: _________________


Wanna play? What will you be doing? Let me know so I can share your ideas with everyone else. Not everyone knows how to play. Let’s help them out.

Until next time…

Polish your sparkle and just keep twirling.

Find joy. Be joy. Enjoy.

I’m always looking for new friends! 😊


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