Hands on, Block off

Image result for hands off the keyboardGet your hands off of the keyboard and around a pen. According to Newsweek, “Brain scans show that handwriting engages more sections of the brain than typing.” These scans show that the movement of your fingers while writing activates the thinking, language, and working memory sections of the brain. These areas are the hub of creativity. Typing is a single action per letter while writing takes several sequential strokes per letter.

Wow! Who knew? Oh, scientists. Scientist knew. Duh. Okay, so um…I guess we need to Image result for yay sciencetake some time to do it old school. I love the feel of a fresh pen pushing into a stack of crisp paper. It takes me back to the middle ages when I was still in school. “All right, boys and girls (and my other pronoun friends) take your seats. It is time for today’s lesson,” I say in a grumbly old schoolteacher’s voice. “Take out your book, Around the Writer’s Block by Rosanne Bane, and turn to page 42. Hey, no talking back there. Do I need to separate you?” I never understood why teachers said this. Like I wasn’t gonna gab with whomever you stuck me next to- duh. So, pour your cuppa, grab some caramel popcorn (cuz it is delicious) and let’s tuck in for some learnin’.

I had to throw in some Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy cuz we are on page 42

…and don’t forget your towel.Image result for the answer to everything is 42 quote

Okay, geek time is over. Back to our regularly scheduled program.Image result for twilight zone warp screen

So, maybe we need to get rid of harem pants, overly teased hair, the Michael Jackson glove, Pee-Wee Herman movies, neon t-shirts, and Pretty in Pink attempts at making our own prom dresses, BUT…not everything old school is bad. In fact, findings show that Image result for flashback to the 80'sputting pen to paper refines our sensory-motor skills and can boost cognitive one. Meaning- the creative juices will flow! BAM!

Now keep in mind that the PROCESS habit is not part of your WIP. Whatever you are working on through PROCESS can not be part of your work. If something amazing comes from what you are working on through process then that is a bonus. For example: if you knit the chances are you are creating something. That is a benefit of the process habit. No one is gonna throw away a lovely scarf but that scarf has no impact on your WIP. See? You can paint a lovely ship and hang it on your wall or bake an apple pie and send it to me cuz I love them. Bonus, you get to be creative by baking and I get my favorite pie. Win, win.Image result for knitting a very long scarf gif

Process is about releasing the demand that we MUST be doing something significant. Process challenges us to surrender and simply follow the creative path without any concerns of the outcome. When your imagination is at play you are in Process.

Polish your sparkle and just keep twirling.

Find joy. Be joy. Enjoy.

I’m always looking for new friends! 😊


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