Vacay was worth the delay-

Image result for pontoon boat on the lakeYes, I abandoned you…again. But it was sooo worth it. I escaped to the lake with 4 amazing besties and had a great time. I apologize that I forgot to schedule posts to drop while I was gone. I was ill prepared for you. I will do better next time.

Time to flip through the pages and get back into Around the Writer’s Block by Rosanne Bane. Do you have your copy? Good. Now pour a fresh cuppa, and some mega-awesome nibbles and tuck in. It is time to be amazing and learn. Let me know what we can learn together in the future. Shoot me your suggestions in the comments section below.

Flip to page 14 and let’s begin where we all struggle- Why is it so (damn) hard to write?! We have all had that demon of a muse perch on our shoulder while in the shower, driving to work, or just as you drift off to sleep. We all say the same thing- I WILL REMEMBER THIS! But, we rarely do. The Hubs even went out and bought me a voice recorder so this wouldn’t happen. As great as that was…who takes a recorder into the bathroom? And the one time I used it at bedtime he was upset I woke him. It Image result for woke husband while talking funnyis a great tool while brainstorming. You can just start talking and hope glorious ideas pour out of your mouth into the recorder. Like magic, it is there to listen to and create from. (Just an idea for you.)

Image result for up squirrel gifOn top of that issue- this is mine- finding things to distract me from writing. If my kitchen sink has dishes in it, I feel guilty if I sit to write. A list forms in my head of all the things that NEED to be done while I am sitting in front of my computer- laundry, make the bed, have I dusted this year, what about the floors, what’s for dinner, did I get the kids off to school- wait they are adults, where is the dog, how many cats do we have….ARGH!

If I only had a brain. According to the science of it all, our brain is a system, but it has no true function. Scary, right? Our brain runs the company of us. All our organs and functions depend on the brain, but words…not so much. The part of the brain we are focusing on is the cortex. This is the section that separates us from animals (barely). It is our “learning brain.” There are four lobes, each has its own task. Broca’s is for speech, Wernicke’s is for the comprehension of language, whereas the brain stem monitors information coming in from all of your senses. But…who’s driving the bus?

Image result for busYour brain is the driver of your body bus. The brain would actually be considered a collection of drivers, but the cortex is the driver that cares about writing and the need to write. This is the section that “sees” the future. It sets goals, plans ahead, it motivates and monitors our behavior. But the cortex doesn’t drive alone.

The brain stem or rather, the reticular activating system of the stem will assist the cortex by filtering what you pay attention to, but also flips the switch between the two. When the cortex is fully behind the wheel, we are able to drive the bus through creative town and find our groove again.

Related imageI can honestly say if my science teachers had broken the brain down like this for me in school, I may have paid more attention. You know, have my brain stem take over the driving for a while.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, this is a very science-based book that contains diagrams and in depth information about different aspects of the brain. I will not be able to duplicate that information. I am giving you and overview of the writing aspect of the book. I highly suggest you pick up a copy and read along with me.


Polish your sparkle and just keep twirling.
Find joy. Be joy. Enjoy.
I’m always looking for new friends! 😊

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