Not all habits are bad.

Image result for habitsImage result for overflowing laundry basketBut some can suck the life out of you. We always seem to find a way to put off things. We put off doing dishes because someone is just going to use another one the moment you finish and…you refuse to deal with such rude behavior…sorry. I hate doing dishes and mopping the floor cuz it might rain next Tuesday and laundry. Laundry, Argh, I have been known to wait until I am down to that one pair of mismatched socks stuffed in the back of the drawer and that horrific underwear you only wear in an absolute emergency- like…not doing the laundry for a month. These are bad habits just like using them as an excuse not to write.

Image result for pizza rollsWelcome back to story time everyone! We are jumping in to post #2 from Around the Writer’s Block by Rosanne Bane. Get your copy, a cuppa (mango, green tea smoothie for me), and some nibbles (walnuts). It’s funny- I look healthy with my choices of drinks and nibbles but the reality is…I scarffed a bag of pizza rolls last night without taking a breath. I guess it balances out. LOL

Even though we proclaim our love for all things writing, we seem to have an endless supply of excuses not to. I have even used laundry as an excuse. It is time to make excuses TO write.

We must build writing practices. In the book she speaks of 3 main habits we must form.

  1. Process
  2. Product Time (a.k.a. writing time)
  3. Self-care

These three habits are to ensure that you, as a writer, show up and become productive. We will discuss these three processes as we move forward in the book. A habit is a neuro pathway in the brain. These pathways grow thicker and easier to follow the more they are traveled. So, how do we get out of this rut we have put ourselves in? Image result for deep rutBehavior is both determined by the brain and the person. That, basically means, we can create new habits that will cause old ones to fade away.

Since we are still in the intro to this book the answers aren’t readily available for you. Me? I skipped ahead. LOL- But she does go on to say that she will give you challenges and tasks to journey through to build and form new and stronger habits. These challenges are structured to get you thinking and writing. It is time to learn more about YOU and YOUR writing practices.

Here is Ms. Bane’s first inquiry: If I could wake up tomorrow with any habit I want ingrained in my brain and my behavior- without the effort of practicing daily for many weeks to develop that habit- what would I want?

What would you want? Why?

Image result for to do listMe? Motivation. I would want motivation ingrained into my very being. I would be motivated to get up and get it done. Right now, I’m doing okay if I remember the night before to make a list for all I need to get done the next day. And if I get up with the desire to get the list done. Most of the time, my list has items on it from days ago that I haven’t finished or even started. For example: I am leaving for a long weekend at the lake with friends. I have yet to do laundry, shocking, I know. I haven’t found my bags, pulled items from the bathroom to pack. I have NO CLUE what clothes I am taking other than my swimsuit. I have yet to clean the car and YES it needs it.

Image result for panic emojiI am barely prepared for a meeting covering taxes and money for writers and that is tonight. I need to be there, yet I am not fully prepared. Argh. I need to get on that- now…bye!

What habit would you want? Tell us. Let’s discuss.

Our next blog we will move out of the introduction and into some answers.

Until then…

Polish your sparkle and just keep twirling.

Find joy. Be joy. Enjoy.

I’m always looking for new friends! 😊


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