Your word today is…Constancy.

Image result for welcome backWelcome back to today’s show. Once again, we will be covering topics from Personal Branding for Dummies (A Wiley Brand). Go grab your copy- we’ll wait for you to get back. Pour a fresh cuppa…well, of whatever you want. Me? I’m partaking in a lovely watermelon smoothie. Ready? GREAT!

We have been learning about the 3 C’s. Clarity, consistency, and today it will be a lesson in constancy.Image result for three c's

Nope- I thought the same thing, but constancy and consistency are not the same thing.
Consistency is to make sure your message is clear and delivered in a consistent manner. Constancy is being visible. Always.

[ kon-stuhn-see ]
• the quality of being unchanging or unwavering, as in purpose, love, or loyalty; firmness of mind; faithfulness.
• uniformity or regularity, as in qualities or conditions; invariableness.

“Strong brands are always visible to their target markets.”- Personal Branding for DummiesImage result for strong brand

That is what constancy is all about. Being seen- ALWAYS. It would be like walking into Starbucks each day and ordering the same drink. After a while the barista will see you come in, write your name (poorly) on a cup and have it ready by the time you make it to the counter. This is because you are a constant. A known variable in each day. The same. Sameness isn’t always a bad thing. People come to depend upon what always is. There are enough “what if’s” in a given day sometimes it is nice to know what happens next.
• The early morning news is on at X
• I leave for my day at X
• I will see X coworkers and friends at X
• I have lunch at X
• Tonight’s favorite show is on at X time and X channel

See, not all “sames” are bad. It’s the in-between that ads flavor and color to what would beImage result for hi, can i be your friend an ordinary day. I come to depend on the constants.

I would like to become a constant in your world. I would like to be that click of the mouse to see what I have done today. Maybe. Someday. Why not today?

Just remember, you cannot become a constancy in someone’s life if you disappear for weeks or months at a time- as I recently did. Hey, cut me some slack. I was moving and moving sucks.

How do we become constant? Start small. Find a small window of time each day or week to update your websites, social media networks, and the like. Become part of groups where you must be seen at least once a month if not more. Become the constant figure in some area of your choosing. The voice of reason at the morning meeting table. The motivator on a work team. The “what if” gal who gets everyone excited about the “next step.” Find your niche and make the most of it.

Image result for thought to ponderThought to ponder…Do people notice when you aren’t where you are supposed to be? Do they notice if you aren’t at work or miss a meeting? If they do, then you are a constant in those areas.
Second thought to ponder…are those the areas you want to be a constant in?

Polish your sparkle and just keep twirling.
Find joy. Be joy. Enjoy.
I’m always looking for new friends! 😊

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