I don’t know you and you only know me from these AMAZING posts, so, if I looked you up online what would I see? Would I see the person you really want me to know?

We are still going at Personal Branding for Dummies (A Wiley Brand). Grab a fresh cup of coffee, a snack (I’m still on a diet- ARGH!), and your copy of this amazing book and let’s get to it. Turn to chapter 10 and take notes.

Image result for i like youWho are you online? If you are an online troll them you suck and should find a better hobby, but if you don’t think you are then let’s look at your posts and pictures. If I were to look at your last post or picture, what would I think of you? Now, we are strangers. The only way for me to get to know you is through your social media. Would I like what I saw?

Image result for will not hire drama llamasHere’s a sneaky little fact- perspective employers can and have looked at people’s social media to determine if they want to hire a them. Do they have a lot of drama in their lives? Are they crude in their daily posts? Do they draw negative attention? These are all viable reasons why a company may not hire you. Your brand is not limited to face to face encounters. Keep that in mind before you hit “post.”

What do you want your online life to say about you in the real world? What is your message? I am on a few social sites and can honestly say I have had companies reach out to offer me positions I did not apply for. My online presence spoke for me. I’m a writer. I promote the works of others. I want people to be informed on all aspects of their lives- therefore, I have drawn attention to myself in what I hope is a positive light. Am I perfect- NOPE- how boring would that be? But I am honest. I try my best to not get nasty but if the truth requires it then- here comes cranky Ticia.

People will look you up online if they know they are about to meet you or see you in a conference. It is a way to become familiar with a person. To see if you share interests and a way to spark a conversation. It can also warn people to keep their distance. Your online presence needs to be a partner to your real-life goals. Whatever your brand goals are they need to be consistent in all avenues. Think about it this way. If you are professional and well put together in person and an absolute TROLL online, that tells me you are two-faced. I would not trust you to be honest. How could you be if you lived two very different lives?

Image result for i want to know the real youThere is a difference between being cranky honest and being a troll. Trolls are nasty for no reason. They pick people apart because they find it enjoyable. As I said earlier, if this is your thing you really should find another thing.

This isn’t limited to words. Social media has entire formats that are image based. What kinds of pictures or video do you post? Are you pounding beers and crushing cans on your forehead? Not a good image for perspective employers to see. That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and post the pictures of it. It means be aware of what you share. Remember, this also includes images you are tagged in. Image result for tagged in a bad picture

Hard isn’t it? It’s a lot of work, but it is the kind of work that can build or destroy your future. There is a reason celebrities have publicists. That way if they screw up, they have someone who can spin it into a positive. Do you have a spin-doctor? Me neither, so it is my job to stay on top of what people see when they Google me.

What will I see when I Google you?

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Polish your sparkle and just keep twirling.
Find joy. Be joy. Enjoy.
I’m always looking for new friends! 😊

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