Comparing not Competing

Image result for learning free imagesWe are still working through Personal Branding for Dummies (A Wiley Brand). Grab your books and follow along.

We have learned about identifying competitors now let’s talk about what to do once you have located them.


Pay attention here- compare, don’t compete.Image result for compare don't compete

You saw that right. You aren’t going to compete with your “competition” you are going to compare your skills and see if you can do more than they can. Is there a gap in the services they provide that you can fill?

Are you selling to the same markets? Are they pushy in their sales skills or to lax? Are they doing it well or could you improve upon it?

What can you learn from how they are doing business that would improve your own business?

Let’s break this down- I hate pushy sales people. Don’t meet me at the door and follow me around the store asking how you can help me 60 different ways. Step back, let me look. Believe me, when the time comes and I have a question or wish to purchase something, I will seek you out. Being all up in my face will only guarantee that I leave without bothering to see if you have what I wanted in the first place.

If your competition is doing business this way them its likely that people like me will find you in the long run. Do it different. Do it better. Now, I’m not saying the hard sales tactic doesn’t work, it just doesn’t work on me. You must pay attention to the needs of the person you are dealing with. If a client/customer walks in and instantly barks questions and facts at you then you can assume they want you to walk them through each and every step answering questions along the way. If, however, I walk in and you greet me and ask if you can help and my response is “just looking” then let me look or lose any possible sale.

This is how you compare and not compete. See what they are doing and where it falls short. Image result for fill in the gap free cartoonFill that gap. Fill the needs of the clients who work from that mindset and you will be successful.

Price point is another factor you must pay close attention to. If the market has dictated what is an acceptable price range, then you must work within those parameters. Exceeding will only ensure clients will go elsewhere.

If the market hasn’t put limitations on your asking price, you still need to be aware of what others are charging for the same thing. Don’t sell yourself short. That doesn’t look good. If your competition is selling a pen for $8 and you are selling a comparable pen for $2, I would wonder why yours was so much cheaper. Going a little lower is fine but too low would make me and others think the quality of your products isn’t equal.
Your brand also effects your price range. If you are touting yourself as high-end but charging rock bottom prices, then your brand and product do not match. This doesn’t mean you can’t have reasonable prices but be realistic. Think about it. What if (insert your favorite celebrity here) walked into your business to purchase your *pen*, what would you charge?

But, if you wish to be seen as the business person of the people, then your pricing should match. It’s all in how you brand yourself.


As you know, O-B!tch-uary is out. I have been receiving photos of people with their copies and pictures of purchase orders. Thank you all so much for your support in this crazy journey. It is far from over. I have more books to push forward in the publishing process. Buy your copy today!


Polish your sparkle and just keep twirling.
Find joy. Be joy. Enjoy.
I’m always looking for new friends! 😊

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