The end is coming.

Alrighty friends and neighbors, we are quickly getting to the end of this book’s journey and we need to consider what’s next. Okay, so I have 5 possible titles we can read along to next.
1. Getting Your Book Published for Dummies- (yes, I am a fan of A Wiley Brand)
2. Around the Writer’s Block- Rosanne Bane
3. Building Believable Characters- Marc McCutcheon
4. The Writer’s Guide to Character Traits- Linda N. Edelstein
5. Get A Literary Agent- Chuck Sambuchino

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Bonus idea… Bhagavad Gita: A New Translation – Stephen Mitchell Paperback Bhagavad Gita : A New Translation Book

Let me know your choice. We can vote on it! Pick a number and let me know.

Just so you know, I jumped forward in the book quite a bit because it was a lot of review. Please, feel free to go back and take a look and review whatever you need. Review is good. Knowledge is great!

I jumped and landed at Branding Your Workspace around page 248. So, grab your copy of Personal Branding for Dummies (A Wiley Brand) to follow along, a cuppa power juice (pineapple banana smoothie for me) some nibbles (almonds- mmmm), and let’s do this.
Look around. What does your space say about you and the brand you are trying to build? Right now, post move, my space looks like an explosion hit it. When you have as many books as I do it is a whirlwind of crazy. But, my goal for my workspace is clear in my head. Creative, clean, inspirational (art, statuary, and books), and comfortable to be in. What do you want yours to say?

When someone walks into your space, they see you. If your work area screams chaos, then the chances are your mind is as cluttered as your space. They will see you as the one who is most likely to lose their project, come to meetings late because you were looking for something, or forget things altogether. But there is the other side of that coin. The pristine space. Eeeeek…to me this means a lack of creativity. When you show no personality in your area people assume you don’t have one. You work within a very tight set of rules and limit the “humanity” in a project. Yes, your space speaks volumes about you.

Think it through.

What colors or image speak to you? Think about the businesses you frequent. H&R Block has that one shade of green that says it all. You know it when you see it. Planet Fitness- purple. Even fast food places have their own colors. Let’s not forget Target and Wal-mart. So, friend, what is your color? I get that some of you are tucked in a cubicle somewhere- been there done that- and you can’t exactly paint a “wall.” You don’t have to. You can still have a color; you just have to be creative about it. Post-its, stapler, pushpins, coffee cup, and you can cover one wall of your space with a good quality paper to match your style (per the book). If you do international work, maybe a high-quality world map on the wall would be more your style. Get creative.

If color isn’t your thing that’s cool. What is the image you want the world to see as “YOU”? Child friendly, corporate, creative, supportive, or nerdy? Me, I guess I would be a mix of all of the above. I have grandsons so child friendly is a must. Corporate- well, I am my own business. Creative, supportive and nerdy is just who I am. Corporate screams clean, polished and expensive. Creative dances around with color and knick-knacks and art. Supportive is a warm welcoming space with calming colors and soft seating. Nerdy is, well, tech, books, papers, posters, just think all things Big Bang and you are on it.
Who are you?

Just remember to make your workspace comfortable for those you are trying to reach. Your target audience should feel welcome. You must also keep in mind your corporations’ restrictions on decorations.

Who are you and is your space reflecting your image?


Polish your sparkle and just keep twirling.
Find joy. Be joy. Enjoy.
I’m always looking for new friends! 😊

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