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Image result for paper airplane gifThe first time a paper airplane was made and flown the idea of a 747 was nowhere in the imagination of the creator. It was made to be fun. Dr. Stuart Brown points out in Play that the first steam engine and first airplane were in fact toys. These creations did not become the force of nature they are today on the day of their imagining. Brown sees the impulse to create as a play desire first. There are no restrictions in play. Your imagination is your limit. This is when it is fine to dance like a two-year-old. Twirl, swirl, and sway in absolute abandon. It is play. There are no limits or criticisms. And because it is play and play is fun your stress level recedes opening you up to all the good waiting to come out.

Take care of yourself and fine outlets that bring you peace and joy. I love to write but sometimes it can be difficult and weighs on me, depending on the topic. When I wrote   O-B*tch-uary I suffered for it. I felt the pain of my MC. I felt the struggles and heartbreak every day. I do not regret a single word because they have moved people. They moved me, but I had to find a way to bring peace into my daily. Between long walks with my Great Dane, Maggie (RIP), and baking TONS of cookies- I made it through.

Image result for around the writers blockIt is time to find the connection between play and self-care. Join me on page 129 in Around the Writer’s Block by Rosanne Bane. Today my cuppa is filled with a new coffee gifted to me from my friend, Pat. It is called Sinful and I can see why. Total yum. Nibbles? Dates and nuts cuz they are handy. You? Are you ready?

Image result for childs version of the moonAs writer’s our play should be varied. It is cool to play alone but just as beneficial to include others. Find new ways to move your body and challenge your mind. Play with a child and engage in their imaginative play. Be an astronaut doing yoga on the moon while eating moon pies. Make up a language that only the two of you know. Use their openness and wide-eyed view of the world to open your adult closed-minded eye.
Stay open to opportunities to play. No, we can’t play all the time, but we can find moments of enjoyment and ease. The goal is to find joy in life while still engaging our imaginations, so work flows easier.

There is a challenge on page 131 tasking you to start your own self-care habit.
It is finding a balance between activities and practices that will keep you happy and healthy. You can find a copy of the Self-care Commitment form PDF at

Image result for handing papers to someoneAlter the wording where needed to fit your life. Fill it out, sign and date, and add it to your calendar, and send a copy to the person who will keep you accountable.

Inquiry: “What am I doing to care for myself now? Do I treat myself as well as I treat others? If I had an extra hour a day, what could I do to become healthier, happier, and more satisfied? Who else would benefit if I did that?”

We will be moving into a new section on our next blog post.
Section 3: Putting the Habits into Practice

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