Problem #1 We Have as Writers

Oh, the list I could build from that title.

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I have been talking with some writer friends, yes, I have friends, and yes, they are writers. Anyway, we were talking about some of the problems we have with our profession/hobby of choice. Now, I must warn you, there are many and I am willing to continue to add to the list if you send me issues. I have decided to look into a few of these problems and see if I can find an answer. Are you game? Too bad. I’m doin’ it anyway.

Let’s do the thing we always do at this point. What? You forgot. For shame. It is time to refill our sad, empty cuppas and rummage around for a nibble. Sharing is allowed and foraging through the refrigerator in the breakroom is open for business. Just don’t get caught. If you do, do NOT blame me for your lack of stealthy skills. Grab what you can and meet us out on the reading rug.

#1 Communication

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Tuck in friends and let’s talk about…talking. Er, communication. What I am saying here is, talking about your work is extremely important. Being able to put your work into a spoken format allows you, as the writer, to hear what you are writing. I know. I lost a few of you on that sentence. Let me explain. We see, hear, and feel our stories completely, long before we voice any of it. But the moment you attempt to put it into words for someone else you instantly see the voids in your story. Just because we know EVERYTHING about our story doesn’t mean others do. We have to be able to fill in the blanks for the people following along.

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As you start ‘talking’ through your work, the listeners will be able to ask the right questions and point out some items that need work or that they think are amazing. Believe it or not, people will think points are amazing. It’s called feedback and, yes, it is important. This can be a critique group, or a cluster of friends who love coffee and words as much as you do, that want to sit and chat. I’m game for that. We all know I love coffee, and words are my thing, so hit me up if you are planning a get together. Hmmm…I guess this leads to another problem. Shocker, I know.

#2 Finding Like-Minded People

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I have gotten this question a lot. How do you find like-minded people? There are a few ways. Coffee shops, libraries, bookstores, college campuses, Facebook, and more. Okay, if you frequent a coffee shop you can do a few things here. Ask an employee if the shop host groups or if they know if any of their customers are writers. Another, less in your face method, look for a bulletin board and see if anything is posted. I found two groups doing this. Do not limit yourself to one group. Keep looking.

Libraries are another good option. I host a group at a local library. You can contact the library or check their online website to see if they host writer’s groups, or, yup, check to see if they have a physical bulletin board. One thing to keep in mind is not all groups are open to new people. Mine is an invite only group. Reach out to the host to see if it is an open group. It should say on their post.

Bookstores tend to have notice boards near the back of the store where posts can be put up. Facebook- search for groups in your area. Instagram- you can do the same. But you can always start your own group. You could be the one putting up notices and invites. When you write your post, make sure you let people know it is a new group and the point behind the notice. Like, what are your goals for this group?

Wanted! Writers!

I am starting a new writer’s group at (location- get their permission to meet there.)

This Date & This Time

My hope is to connect with like-minded people who want to talk about their writing and listen to others rant about theirs. I need to talk with people who understand the process and craziness that is writing. Also, you must follow for all her craziness and insights.

That’s just an example. Make sure you attach an email address so people can contact you for more details if needed. Someone has to make the first step, and why can’t it be you? I did it and it has been highly beneficial. I also started this blog. Go, me!

Find a group or start one. If you choose to find a group, I suggest you find one where you are not the smartest one in the room. The best way to learn about your craft is to learn from people who have walked the path before you. If, however, you choose to start a group, also be willing to learn from the other members.

But- do not be that jerk who refuses to answer questions because you think of these people as competition. They aren’t. As I have pointed out before, there are a million vampire books out there and each one is different. I am no more your competition as you are mine. Be helpful. Be willing to share what you know. You will only grow by sharing.  

Let me know what you choose to do.

If you have a problem, you want me to look into, comment down below. I love hearing from you.

Until then…

Polish your sparkle and keep twirling.

Find joy. Be joy. Enjoy.

I’m always looking for new friends!

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