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Good morning! Speaking of mornings, what time did you get up? Were you running to get coffee, shower, dress, and get out the door in time to sit in your car for an hour? Have you ever thought of getting up a bit earlier? It would make your morning flow better and if you get up even earlier than that you could find some time for your writing. No, I’m not kidding. The Hubs gets up at 4:30 in the morning and does just that. It is his time just for him. Well, him and our two lil doggies who need to pee and cuddle with their dad.

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Soooo me in the morning.

There is nothing wrong with scheduling time for you. Yes, 4:30 is wicked early but he goes to bed at 9. I pick on him and call him a toddler with his bedtime, but I make time for me too. I do not get up as early as him, but I also don’t go to bed like a five-year-old. I’m up around 5:30 and whine for at least a half hour, drink two cups of coffee and them begin my daily life. Slowly. But I make time for me and what I need- to write.

Turn Off Your Phone

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I know. You just went into a panic at the idea of this but do it. Heck, I couldn’t remember how to turn mine off. It took a minute or two to figure it out. LOL You will be amazed at how much you can accomplish during this time. I’m talkin’ and hour or two at most. You will kinda spaz at first because, believe it or not, you are addicted to your phone. You just picked it up, didn’t you? It is a total time eater. How many times do you pick it up and tell yourself you’re just gonna check your email and you fall down a rabbit hole that tunnels to the other side of the world? I’ve done that once or…a dozen times. Turn it off. Put it down. It will be there when you finish the work that needs to get done.

Let’s Talk Time Wasters

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We just talked about our cellphones, now we are gonna talk à streaming. Yes, binging series. Look, I loved Bridgerton as much as the next girl, but I forced myself to enjoy it over the course of a week. I am learning to savor one episode of the things I love a night. I dare you to really look at your television time. I used to waste a TON of time staring at a screen. Sad. The amount of brain numbing programs I watched is insane. I have watched things I can’t remember watching. How ridiculous is that? I also tend to watch the same things over and over because I don’t want to become invested in a new story line. Maybe I should just turn it off and do something else. Like, I don’t know, work on my third book. You know, rewrites, edits, and marketing plans for when it drops. Turn off the television.

No is a Full and Complete Sentence

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See! They even made an image for it online.

Okay, let me explain. Imagine someone comes to you and asks you to do something you have no desire to do, but…they are my friend and need my help and if I don’t that means I’m a horrible friend and I don’t want them to think I don’t like them or want to help and…STOP! Look, I get if your boss hands you a stack of work you really have no choice- kinda. But you have the ability to say No to other things that are clogging up your time. No, you don’t want to work a stop on the bike-a-thon trail raising money for cicada awareness and cookbook. Learn to say No and save time for you.

It Is In The Budget

Budget Management Tips for New Managers

Don’t freak out here. I’m not talking money. When we are balancing our budget (money) we make a point to pay ourselves. We set aside some cash for the things we want not just the bills we must pay. You need to learn to do that with your time as well. If you are one of those lucky people who sleep 8 hours a day- I might hate you- but that still leaves 16 hours. Then you have, let’s say 10 hours for work, that’s driving to and from, lunch breaks, and the job. There are 6 hours left in your day. What do you do with them? Workout for one +. Prepare meals and clean up is about 1 ½ +. A little bit of telly won’t kill you. A LITTLE. Family time. You still have some time left for you and you alone. Even if it is only an hour. It is an hour to do things for you and your dream. Budget it.

Adjust as Needed

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Learn to be flexible. Things happen that we have no control over. Be prepared to not be prepared. That includes shifting your time. We all know it happens but don’t let it sidetrack you. Yes, you may have to give up YOUR time to deal with something else but make sure when thing shift back to normal, get your time back in line and chase your dreams.

The Barriers

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Don’t lose track of you. Your needs and dreams are important. We all have those moments when we think we are wasting time or aren’t good enough. My doubt is someone else had to have written this already, why would I ever think mine is good enough? Then I remember how many different vampire stories I have read. None of them were the same.

We can be our own barriers, but it is more likely that someone will attempt to stop you. They don’t want to hurt you or for you to get hurt by failing at your dreams. They line up in front of you with a line of ‘what ifs.’ These are meant to stop you. You need to stand in front of them with your own ‘what ifs.’

What If? – First United Methodist Church of Olympia

What if I succeed?

What if my dreams come true?

What if I was always meant to do this?

Get out of your own way. Walk around the people in front of you and keep going.

Polish your sparkle and keep twirling.

Find joy. Be joy. Enjoy.

I’m always looking for new friends!

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