Questions, Questions, Questions

Are you ready to write your novel?

Let’s find out.

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Are you ready? It is a real question. Seriously. I sat down to write for the first time as a challenge and haven’t really stopped. Well, that’s not exactly true. Currently my muse has decided to social distance and won’t take my calls either. Such a Diva.  I digress. The challenge was only to be a summer event, but the story took hold and demanded that I write it all. It turned out to be a 484-page challenge titled O-B*tch-uary. Sin Full followed within a few months. And so, began my hunt for words. I didn’t ask myself these questions, but I will give them to you to decide. But first…


COFFEE! With this diet I am only allowed two cuppas unless I choose to lose a snack and replace it with a fresh mug. I think my snack will indeed be a hot, aromatic, delish cuppa coffee. Sleep has joined my muse in the idea of social distancing. I have begged her to come back but she thumbs her nose at me and says she will visit when she is ready. :`( It’s all good. I will settle in with my mug and find a nibble that is diet friendly and just wait her out.

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While we wait, fill your empties, and dig around for a nibble. Hang on while I run the vacuum over the reading rug. Crumbs people. Watch your crumbs. Geesh. Run back and grab your copy of The Novel Writer’s Toolkit by Bob Mayer. I left mine in the car, so someone let me borrow yours. Of course, I will give it back. I have my own copy. Come on. Anyone? Oh, thank you, have a seat and turn to page 58 and let’s ask some questions.

According to Mr. Mayer, there are six questions you should ask yourself to see if you truly are ready for the novel writing journey.

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#1. What do I want to write about?

#2. What do I want to say about it?

#3. What do I want to say?

#4. Why should anybody else care?

#5. What can I do to make them care?

#6. What do I want readers to do, think, or see?

Most of us can answer the first three with little trouble. The last three tend to cause us issue because those are focused on the reader and not you as the writer. Put yourself in the shoes of your reader. Ask yourself some more questions: How do I hook my reader? Am I maintaining the suspense? What does the reader know to this point?

How to Write a Book in 2020: A Proven Guide for Authors

You must understand that you are trying to put your story, your vision, into the head of your reader. They cannot see what you don’t show. You, as the writer, knows it is raining but if you don’t show your character closing an umbrella, and taking off wet shoes, your reader will never know. Paint a clear and precise image for your reader. Help them fall into the images not struggle with the words.

Visualizing Your Idea

Shots and Movement — REEL VOICES

Become the filmmaker’s camera. Think about how a camera pans across a space or zooms in and out on important things. Become that camera as a writer. I know you. Well, I know the writer in you. You see your story playing out in your head. You see the way a character walks, sits, makes a cuppa. Now you must figure out how to put that on the page. Your reader wants to see how your character lives. They want to be a part of their day to day. Show your readers the details that dance behind your eyelids. The flash of colors in your MC’s eyes when they see their love interest or trunk full of cash.

Letting the characters tell the story | Writing motivation ...

See the possibilities. Just because you have a plot or design for your story does not mean it is the best. Let your characters control the narrative from time to time. If it doesn’t work, delete it. But sometimes it can be magical. This happened in O-B*tch-uary. My characters took over and twisted the story in a way that worked out so much better than I ever thought. Giving up control to your characters seems like a weird idea but it happens. They can and will come alive if you let them.

Please remember that I am not trying to write this book for you word for word. I am skipping a lot of detail. I highly suggest you purchase the book and read between the lines.

Polish your sparkle and keep twirling.

Find joy. Be joy. Enjoy.

I’m always looking for new friends!

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