Still Gonna Drink My Cuppa

Cutting back on caffeine is easier than we thought. The list below can offer some natural alternatives to that cuppa and still offer that much needed boost we need in the morning.

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12 Caffeine Free Energy Boosts

Cutting back on caffeine is easier than we thought. The list below can offer some natural alternatives to that cuppa and still offer that much needed boost we need in the morning.

  1. Nuts, ain’t it. These little gems pack a double punch. Protein helps fill you up to keep you moving and the magic of magnesium transforms glucose into energy.
  2. Put a pucker in your morning routine. Start with a glass of lemon water and add a bit of #11, peppermint is a refreshing treat. Not only is it refreshing but it also a wonderful detoxifier to start your day. Sip away my friends.
  3. Brown rice is another double dose of energy. First it offers those complex carbs. Why does this matter? Complex carbs take longer to break down, so it offers you more energy over a longer period of time without that soul crushing crash at the end. Second, fiber. We always need more fiber. You can admit it. I know I do.
  4. Shrek in a glass. Well, that’s what I call it when I drop a bunch of spinach and kale into a smoothie, but greens are good for you and your energy level. I know that look on your face. I made it the first time I picked up a handful of kale. It was weird. I mean, ‘People eat this,’ kinda weird. But I followed through and found the boost of energy was worth the weird. Turns out greens have potassium and iron which cuts the fatigue and jump starts your energy. Who knew?
  5. Honey is not just a term of endearment it is also a whopper of a life hack. Not only does it rev your engine but can help heal the ouches. Honey is an easily digested carbohydrate. It is easier on the body and has hosts some doozies in antioxidants. Depending on what you mix this golden liquid with will determine how it helps your body. Honey and sage can be a mood pick me up. Honey and ginger help with stomach upset and reduces inflammation. Pass the honey, Honey.
  6. Beans, beans, good for…cholesterol. These magical sacs pack a ton of fiber that can help stabilize sugar in your body which will slow the burn and allow your energy to remain level. Bonus, you get to pick the ones you like best. I love chickpeas. They are so versatile and snackable.
  7. Green tea has less caffeine than that cuppa Joe you sip each morning. What it does have is the amino acid L-theanine. Nope, I couldn’t pronounce it either, but that’s okay. What this does is improve the grey matter function. We all need a clear mind to stay motivated and energized. Bonus: green tea can assist in fat burning.
  8. Coconut water has become very popular lately and maybe there is a good reason for it. Coconut water is nature’s energy drink. It is packed with a lot of minerals and potassium. Go as natural as possible when buying. The product can be boosted with sugar and that defeats to hope of a natural energy lift.
  9. An apple a day can offer the same response as coffee. Apples have 13 grams of natural sugar that release slowly. Much like brown rice, it is a slow and steady release allowing your energy to remain steady for a longer period of time. Wow. Just another reason to love an apple.
  10. Do you smell fish? I do love a salmon fillet. Turns out this lovely fish is high in B12. Why is that important? Well, it helps make the red blood cells we need to get iron into the body. Iron boosts your energy and focus. My focus needs more focus. Time for some salmon.
  11. If you read #2 you saw that I recommend you mix these two yummies to make an enjoyable energy ride. Peppermint can be sipped in teas, brewed alone, or simply sniffed to get a boost in our alertness. Crush fresh leaves into some honey and add to that lemonade you are making. Ah! Refreshing.
  12. Bananas- who heard Gwen Stefani sing that? Was it just me? Anyway, where can’t you use a bananas? This yummy fruit puts the rest of this list to shame when it comes to energy levels. Which makes it the perfect snack food for a midday jolt.

I don’t know about you, but I think I am going to make some lemonade with fresh peppermint and honey. Enjoy your caffeine-free journey.

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