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over and over and over again. Checklists are a part of all our lives. No? Well, have you ever gone grocery shopping without the list you painstakingly wrote out? Yea, see? Checklists are important.  In this post I will offer up the eight-point checklist you will need to launch a gated offer successfully.  You do not need all eight but if you only have, say, two, things might not go so well.

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I have done this. More than once.

Good Lawd. The number of times I have shopped without a list is painful and pointless. I should have just gone back and plucked it from the counter where I foolishly left it. Taking two trips was not only time consuming but expensive. I bought things in trip one that I did not need. Argh. Even the Hubs makes lists.

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Supplies for jobs around the house, lists for components for his job, how to show me he loves me with chocolates and The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers book…you know, important stuff. Let’s follow our list. Meet me in the kitchen and we can refill our cuppas with something soothing and yummy. You root around for a nibble and I will run along and set up our reading rug. I bought more fluffy pillows to get cozy with. When you have found something delish, meet me back here for our checklist information from Digital Marketing for Dummies, A Wiley Brand.

Point 1: Is your offer ultra-specific?

  • The more detailed your offer the better it will perform. It will make it easier to follow through on your promise if you are descriptive on what that promise is. Make it compelling to your market.
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Point 2: Are you offering too much?

  • You will do better if you offer “one big thing.” A bunch of little things will only muddy the waters. Offering a dozen little items will distract you and your customer from the target. Offer a single solution to a single problem.

Point 3: Does the offer speak to a desired end result?

  • If you can honestly offer the solution to an actual problem, people will give you the contact information you requested and their attention.

Point 4: Does the offer deliver immediate gratification?

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  • “I want it now.”- Veruca Salt
    • We want what we want, and we want it now. Let your customers know how long it will take to provide the solution. If it takes days or weeks, then it is NOT immediate.
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Point 5: Does the offer shift the relationship?

  • Does your offer teach your clients why they should trust you and your product? Did you follow through on your promises to provide the solution? Did you teach them the proper way to use your product for success? If you did these things, then you have created a trusting relationship with your lead.

Point 6: Does the offer have a high perceived value?

  • Just because your offer is free doesn’t mean it should look free. The better you make it look the more people will be drawn to it.
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I can help you carry that to…my car.

Point 7: Does the offer have a high actual value?

  • If you are promising value, you must follow through. A gated offer has actual value when it lives up to the hype.

Point 8: Does the offer allow for rapid consumption?

  • Don’t build a roadblock between you and the buyer’s business. Grant them the promise from your gated offer but ensure it is an easy “buy.” Don’t make them take 16 webinar classes to get to the next step.

Why is it important that your gated offer be easily consumable? The quicker it gets into the hands of your prospect the quicker you can offer more things. The best time to make an offer is right after a customer has taken a prior one.  BAM! Business.

A note to current business: How you are treating your staff during this pandemic says a lot about you. We will remember when this passes. Will you survive the aftermath? Good business practices aren’t just for customers. Your staff hold you on their shoulders. Help them carry the burden during this difficult time.

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Our next visit will cover Deep-Discount Offers. Oooooo…coupons. Until then, stay safe, stay at a distance, and read a book.

Please remember that I am not trying to write this book for you word for word. I am skipping a lot of detail. I highly suggest you purchase the book and read between the lines.

Polish your sparkle and keep twirling.

Find joy. Be joy. Enjoy.

I’m always looking for new friends!

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