“The Journey of a Thousand Miles…

Begins with a single step.” Lao-tzu

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Even unnecessary words have value.

A book of 90,000 words begins on page 1. The hardest part is beginning. But it will never reach an end if you don’t start. Not every word you write will matter but the fact that you are writing does. Your job is to work, and learn, and perfect what you have learn through your work. Most of the words you write in the beginning may not be quality, but they are invaluable in the mastery of your skill. Editing will happen. Words will be altered or removed, but that does not mean they had no value. It means you placed them there to hold a spot for a stronger word. That is the process of learning. Put in your Product Time. Chase the words, capture them, and place them on the page. All you need is 15 minutes. 15 perfectly magical minutes everyday to build and create your masterpiece.

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The black hole of writer’s block. I tripped and fell in a few times. I have my own chair.

Are you ready to become a master of your writing world? Are you ready to dedicate time to your words? I am. But I have been doing it all along. Do I stumble and trip into the abyss of writer’s block? Yup, and I know, even though I have learned right along with you, I will again. But I am now prepared to pull my self out and start over. How about you? Are you ready? Let’s move forward. Get your copy of Around the Writer’s Block by Rosanne Bane and let’s keep this journey going ‘til the end. Warm your cuppa and steal some Christmas candy from your friends’ desk and tuck in for another installment of “ME.”

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I have always loved this adage. We all have two wolves trapped inside us. According to Ms. Bane, one of these is our saboteur. We must be cautious to not feed that little monster because they will suck us dry. It doesn’t take much. Be more aware of the bad habits that we slip into without a care. What you do or don’t do can make the saboteur stronger. Skipping Product Time or Process a couple times is a healthy snack for the saboteur. Not following through on your Self-care can feed them a nibble or two. Not taking care of yourself with the right foods and exercise will weaken you in more ways than just physical. The further we fall behind the harder it will be to unlearn bad behavior. Battle back the beast by doing what is best for you. Put in the work. Take care of you in all ways. Be true to you and all you want. Feed the good wolf.

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Take care of you.

If you ever decide writing isn’t for you- DO NOT FEEL GUILTY. It is perfectly fine to put your pen down. Just do yourself a favor and find another outlet for your creativity. If, however, you decide words are your thing than you owe it to yourself to show up and work. Some people, me, can feel guilt for taking away time with family and friends to write. I am one of those crazy lucky people who get to stay home, but that does not mean I don’t work. I break my day up just like everyone who leaves to go to a job. THIS is my job. I write these blogs, read the books to help all of us improve, and then I write my own tales. I chase words for at least 6+ hours a day. And then I do all the other stuff- clean, cook, bake, dogs, yardwork, gym…somewhere in there I promote O-B*tch-uary and the new book that is coming (Sin Full)…and then I do it all over again. And I feel guilt for it. Even with everything I do, I feel I am taking away something from those I love to cater to my whims. Chase them I must and so I shall.

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Be true to you.

This is my job. This is what I want, and my family and friends know and understand my journey. They have chosen to take the trip with me. Just like you have.

Until tomorrow my friends- I have words to chase and blogs to research.

Polish your sparkle and keep twirling.

Find joy. Be joy. Enjoy.

I’m always looking for new friends!


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