Chapter 10: Why it Matters

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Know your tools and how to use them.

Now that we understand what is happening to our writer’s brain, we can stop giving in to our self-defeating behaviors. Successful writers have had the tools we have been learning over the last few weeks the whole time. We now have the two things that stopped us in the past: information about resistance, and hundreds of hours of experience. Now, the game isn’t over. We may be finishing up the book, but we must continue to show up. We have to be willing to invest the time needed to improve. As awesome as these posts have been, they are not a quick cure to the issues you have been dealing with. They were only a guide to help you find your way out. No matter how big or small, you can still experience resistance. Hopefully we have learned how to dig our way out of it.

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A few more posts and we will bid this one farewell.

To grow up you must show up. <–Wow- I just made that up. I am awesome. I may be better at this than I thought. 😊 Yes, we are finishing up our review of Around the Writer’s Block by Rosanne Bane, but it ain’t over yet my friends. Now is the time to refill your cuppa, snag a nibble, and pick up your copy. Let’s get cozy. Tuck in and join me on page 246 (ß sequential even numbers- cool) Yes, I am easily amused.

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There are no shortcuts. Nope, to master a skill takes time, practice, time, more practice, a fit or two-enty, and then more time and practice. We have all heard the saying everything worth having is worth working for. If capturing words and creating art with them is what you desire above all else, then you must be willing to work for it. The difference between a novice and an expert is practice.  As you begin to perfect your skillset you activate areas of the brain that begin to identify words, sentence structure, how to format your pages, and perfect your word flow.  In the book, Ms. Bane uses chess as an example. She explains how a beginner becomes a champion player based on practice. They build their brains to recognize how the pieces move and flow over the board. It becomes second nature to them, just as writing can become to us.

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Master your expectations.

The only way to be considered a master at anything is to practice the skill until you can do it in the dark. You must show up, and show up, and show up and keep showing up. You need to put in the effort during Product Time. You have to learn how to identify what your Resistance is and how to overcome it. Everything we have talked about was put in play for you (and me) to learn how to get the words out from under the boulder they have been crushed under.

Some believe to become a “master” it takes 10,000 hours of practice. So, no one will become a full-fledged master. There will always be room for improvement. Someone somewhere will always find a new and “better” way to do things. All you can do is keep trying. Maybe, just maybe, you will be that person. I know we have been talking about writing through this entire journey, but you do realize these concepts can be structured for anything in life. You want to be better at music, business, dance, art…- put in Product Time, learn about Resistance, Respect, and Redirection.

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To be better you must be prepared to work for it. <– WoW! I am on a roll today!

Hopefully, tomorrow will be as awesome! See you then.

Polish your sparkle and keep twirling.

Find joy. Be joy. Enjoy.

I’m always looking for new friends!









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