Consistent with a Touch of Crazy


When you show up consistently for an extended time and do the work during Product Time you can start adding targets. That can range from more time in the seat or goals to accomplish certain things in certain time frames. But don’t pile on the pressure. Keep your times within reason.

Good morning friends. I hope you had a great weekend+. Mine was interesting. We took the new addition to the family (Frankie the Chiweenie) to a local farmers/crafters market to become socialized with people and other pups. While driving to this event, Frankie (being super tiny) scooted under the passenger seat to snooze, but he also decided to chew on a sensor under my seat causing lights and bells to go off in the car. HA! All he did was chew through the “air-bag” sensor but our car lit up like a Christmas tree. Soooo…it was an interesting morning. Now I have an appointment to get it fixed on Thursday. Argh

I am so ready for some “normal.” So, go dig out your copy of Around the Writer’s Block by Rosanne Bane, a cuppa something strong, and a nibble. Join me on page 85 and read along or sit back and let me do the heavy lifting.

You showed up consistently. Great! Now what? Well, let me tell you. Make a goal or set up targets. What Rosanne means by that is set a word count or page number or so many hours per week. You can be as specific as in how small or large you set your goals based on your WIP. Finishing your draft, getting to a certain chapter by a predetermined date, researching and plotting…whatever you want. Be aware- you can do whatever you want but remember what our goals were in the beginning- no guilt, no anxiety, or regrets. If, for some reason you get uncomfortable, go back and reset. It is okay to revisit your 15 minutes at any time.

Every WIP is different. Whether you are working on poetry, a novel, essays, art, articles, or a cookbook- we can give an estimate of where we want to be and when, but you must remain flexible in your planning. We all know how the muse is. She can be picky and testy and just not show up when you want her to.

Build up to this. Give yourself plenty of 15 Magical Minutes before you jump into six + hours stapled to your seat. All in due time. The goal is to beat writer’s block not build a larger wall to tear down at some later point. Just sayin’.

Until next time…

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