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So…are you on LinkedIn? Why the hell not? This is the social media site for the up and comers of business. What business? ANY BUSINESS!

Yup- we are still on our journey through Personal Branding for Dummies (A Wiley Brand)– DUH. SOOOOO much information in this awesome book. Grab your copy, a cuppa whatever you want and a snack. Me? A steaming mug of Dandelion tea and a cup of dried fruit and nuts. Nuts? Yes, I am.

Okay, if you aren’t on LinkedIn, you need to be. This is where you can rub ‘virtual’ shoulders with others in your line of work or perspective clients. This is where you post your resume to search for work or have companies search for you.

Use the professional photo we spoke of in our last chat. (See what I did there…I linked points from post to post. I think I might be getting good at this.) Remember, it is about being consistent throughout all social media when it comes to your brand. Same or similar photos and same or similar postings.

Now that you are logged in…Find people you know. Connect. Tomorrow…Find 5 more…and so on. Then find people you don’t know personally but have heard about professionally and connect with them. Now that you have a following start posting relevant things about you and the business you are in or wish to be it. Be interesting, entertaining, and engaging.

Great Job!

Now, join some groups within or about your profession. They can be online or in the real world. I be a writer of the words. So, I am a member of 3 different types of writer groups. One I host myself. I am also part of a book club. Gotta know what people like to read and what they get from the things they do read. It’s called RESEARCH. Joining these groups can open you up to other people. People you may never have met otherwise. You may not find this helpful today, but the future may hold new and prosperous opportunities…from these new friends. You’re welcome.

Leadership. Not just in your company but in your community. Community matters and the opinion of these people will matter too. Word of mouth is a quick way to build your brand up or cause it to crash and burn. Work with your community to strengthen it and help it prosper. When others prosper, so will you. It’s okay to become the go-to person. It is great to be known as someone who gets things done. Get things moving and your brand will grow along with you.


Polish your sparkle and just keep twirling.
Find joy. Be joy. Enjoy.
I’m always looking for new friends!

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