Time is Cruel.

Life is catching up with me today. Today I have been reminded about the fragility of life.Image result for broken heart I was shown how short it can be and how little we embrace the time we have. I received another one of “those calls” this morning. This was the warning that it is coming and coming quickly. Sadly, I am too far away to make it to her side or to be there for my siblings. I am stuck in reality with nowhere to go. I am stuck waiting for the next call. I can’t run from the inevitable or hide from time. Time is short for her.

So, to those waiting to follow a dream- you are wasting time. For those who wonder “What if?”- what if you just did it and figured it out along the way. Time isn’t wondering. Time is passing with or without you. I would rather make a mistake trying than never knowing. I didn’t know if my book would be successful- and I still don’t- but I did it. I laid it at the world’s feet and took a step back to see if it sprouts wings and flies to all corners of the globe.
Wanna write a book? What’s stopping you? DO IT.
Wanna be a singer? SING.
Wanna paint a master-piece? GET MESSY AND DO IT.
Have a dream? CHASE IT TO ITS END.
The only thing that is holding you back from being the person you were always meant to be is YOU. The people who love you will help you spread your wings. Those who doubt you don’t mean harm, they just don’t want to see you fail. Failing is possible but so is flying. You will never know if you don’t take the leap.
Image result for broken clockBecause time is cruel. Time is short. Time continues with or without you.


Even sad…

Polish your sparkle and just keep twirling.
Find joy. Be joy. Enjoy.
I’m always looking for new friends! 😊

O-B*TCH-UARY by [Rani, Ticia]

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