He is coming! He is coming HERE- tomorrow! Argh! Run! Run! Oh- wait. He is fat and slow and eats too many cheeseburgers. He won’t follow or chase you because you are not important. You are not HIM. You are not the point of him coming here. He is coming here to pat himself on the back. To tell you how awesomely amazeballs he is and that’s all.

grossTrump, or as I like to call him “Lord Damp Nut”, is coming to Granite City, Il and will, literally, be a few blocks down. I could sit in my front yard and watch the shit show without leaving my own property. He is coming to taut his tariffs and how “very good” they are. They are soooooooo good he had to offer a $12 billion bailout to farmers for financial losses. Yup, he’s a genius. Just ask him. He’ll tell you in capital letters on Twitter.

I am disgusted by this trash fire of an administration. Argh! Seriously, how impressed can you be when you Google “idiot” and his picture is the first to pop up?

cookiesCanada…can I come live with you? You look awesome and friendly and have wonderful programs for your people. I’ll bake cookies. I make really good cookies!

Gotta go makes plans to be anywhere but here- gross.


Find joy. Be joy. Enjoy.

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