Motivation Crushers- STOP!

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m weird. I’m good with that and seek out like-minded weirdness in others.¬† When I see people doing things I love and struggling a bit I want them to know I’m proud of them.

unicornLet me give you an example- I’m a gym Unicorn. We’ve discussed this at length before. What I like to do at the gym is…shhhh…come closer…it’s a secret. I stick post-it notes around the gym with motivational stuff written on them. Okay- don’t tell anyone it’s me. I know how hard it is to lift weights when you’re new. I know how uncomfortable it can be when you have big sweaty gyms grunting around you. Been there. Done that. But I also know it is worth it.

I had the Hubs as my motivator. He was/is my one-man cheering squad. He taught me how to lift, what to lift, how to isolate, and how to make fat cry like there is no ice cream in the freezer. There isn’t by the way. No ice cream. Nope. Bummer. But, I digress- I had a cheerleader, but some people don’t. Some go to the gym and wonder if it’s all worth it. If what they are doing is and will make a difference in their lives. It is and it will. So, I decided to become their cheerleader! Well, quietly and without pomp and circumstance.Image result for motivational post-its

I hid messages in lockers and eventually, I noticed that people had stuck them on the outside of the lockers so others could see them. Cool! But…isn’t there always a but…I am now seeing nasty messages written on my post-its in response to the things I wrote. I have thrown many away because of the jerks who can’t let good things happen. Why? Why must they crush a good thing? I have seen people read them and smile. I have even seen pictures of these post-its posted on Facebook.

They matter. They are helping. They are a positive moment in an otherwise lack-luster day in some cases. Yet, I have to throw them away because people are nasty and vile and can’t let a positive thing happen. It’s sad. I have been told that people have asked about the messages and why there aren’t any new ones. Some have even said that they like them. But what’s the point? If I put out a message that reads “BE EPIC” and someone adds the word LOSER to it- it’s just mean and defeats the purpose. When did we become so jaded and hurtful that we no longer want others to do well?

I wanted to help. I wanted to make people see that what they are doing to better themselves is wonderful and that someone cares. So, you know what, I think I need to go buy some more post-its. For every one they destroy I will slap 2 in its place. I can’t allow the ugliness of others to deter my desire to motivate others.

Image result for barbellLet’s lift each other up instead of tearing each other down. We can’t survive alone. We need one another for support and encouragement. Be a cheerleader in someone’s life. Even if it is someone you don’t know.

Until next time…

Find joy. Be joy. Enjoy.

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