Rationally emotional.

Image result for teacher with glasses funny animated free copyrightGood evening (or whatever time it is in your corner of the world), boys and girls. Let’s open our books, Personal Branding for Dummies (A Wiley Brand) to page 97.

We are talking about appealing to your target audience. Ready? Good…

Your target market will want to follow you for two reasons-

  1. Rationally- solid qualities that people can depend on.
  2. Emotionally- these are the reason people want to hang out with you.

The people you work with want to know that you have the skills to do your job. Rational qualities are the ones that got you in the door in the first place. You must prove that you have the experience, education, credentials, and skills necessary to complete the job they need you to do.

Can you tell a joke? No, can you tell a good joke? Great- because a sense of humor is a wonderful emotional trait that people like. Beyond the chuckle-fest, in the breakroom, you need to have empathy, be friendly and show loyalty to the people you work with and the company you are working for.

When trying to locate your target audience, these are the people that will begin to seek you out when they see the attributes you have to offer. And when you are reaching out to your target audience you need to have your skills on point to get their attention. Be more specific with your interactions. Ask detailed question to show your interest and to let them know you pay attention to detail.

Highlight your awesome skills and hope for the best. It can be difficult to determine how people will respond to your brand. But to be safe, start with defining your rational side. Focus on your actual skills since they are tangible and provable. You have the education, experience, and a good work ethic. These are provable. These are topics that start with, “I can,” and “I have.” Then, follow with a list.

How does your skill set benefit your audience? What do you have that they may want? Image result for moneyCapitalize on that thing. That sparkly- shiny thing. Now, why should your audience pay you for that shiny thing? Why should they spend money on you?

Personal branding is all about creating a relationship between you and your target audience. Your brand dictates a consistent behavior. Your look, the things you do, the work you prove, and the way you act need to be recognizable as YOU.

Polish your sparkle and just keep twirling.

Find joy. Be joy. Enjoy.


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