Step 1 in the Self-Publishing Journey: RESEARCH

The key here is to be a SUCCESSFUL self-published author and that means knowing the business in every way. I may whine and complain about the process, but I am willing to learn it and do it correctly. So, if any of you have insights, information on where to find HELPFUL guidelines in this process, or tricks of the trade-please, send them to me and I will gladly share them with everyone who is on this journey with me.


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It’s been nearly 2 weeks since I decided to put my books out there on my own. During that time I have been stuck in research mode. It’s amazing, I decided to self-publish a book but didn’t realize I was jumping feet first into a business. And that’s exactly what it is — a business.

When I decided that I was going to just put my books out there as an ebook, I thought it would be as simple as pushing “upload.” Um…nope. What it has turned into is a massive amount of research on business plans, typography, production schedules, financial plan, products, LLC, marketing, promotion, and long-term goals. Sadly, I assumed it was going to be easy. The reality has become a bit of a slap in the face. But it isn’t stopping me from moving forward. Brace yourself, I plan on taking you along for the ride.

So let’s talk about the research I’ve done so far.Image result for confused funny

  1. Describe your business: All money coming in belongs to the business. Any money used for personal use must be classified as salary.
  2. Ownership: obtain an LLC – Name the business
  3. Products: Books, audio books, book-related products, T-shirts, pins, Buttons, pens, stickers
  4. Create a financial plan
  5. Production schedule and writing plan: Example
    1. Book Title-              Oh! This I can do.
    2. Developmental edits-               What?
    3. 2nd read & line edits-                 Wait, you have to do it twice?
    4. Copy editor-                                 Where do I find them?
    5. Proofreaders-                  Is there a list of these people laying around somewhere?
    6. Send to e-book formatter-         Formatter- I need to do some serious networking.
    7. Cover needed by-                       Add photographer to the list of people to know.
    8. Intended release date-              Well, it ain’t gonna be today.
  6. Know your target audience.
  7. Planned marketing and promotion
  8. Long-term goals
  9. Summary


So, let’s take on Step 1 and describe my business. Um…er…hmmm. I write stories…? I tell tales, arrange words, hunt nouns, kill characters…? How do you define the business of writing books? Let’s Google it! Hold on…

Well, a list of books popped up on the business of being a writer. Great! More books to buy (that’s not a BAD thing) A list of websites offering templates for business plans. And worksheets to learn how to write your own business plan. How is writing a business plan for a business I don’t know how to describe for a business plan a good thing? What this means is that I have a lot more research to do on a topic I know absolutely nothing about. Oh, goodie! **Sigh**

Step 1: As a writer, I have taken on the challenge of telling the stories I have always wanted to read. I find topics that are interesting but not yet told in a bold and modern fashion and run with the ideas.

Through this journey, I will…

Find joy. Be joy. Enjoy.

Come along for the ride. Help if you can. Learn if you can’t help. But be willing to support those who are walking this path with me. Be mindful, helpful, supportive, and a cheerleader. Negativity isn’t needed.

Remember: Never crush a dream. They are rare and beautiful and it takes true strength and courage to go after them.


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