The Circle of Life Continues

treeWe are many branches on the same tree. When one falls another can grow in its place. A branch on my tree has fallen away and returned to the Earth from which he came. In exchange, I was given an entirely new branch. One that includes in-laws and grandchildren. A strong branch to build upon.

Congratulations to our amazing daughter and her new husband. Finding love is a true gift, but finding love with your best friend is a treasure. Love is like the ocean. It comes in waves, some strong and others barely a ripple. The goal is to remain steadfast when the tide is gentle and strong when the waves can overtake you. The key is to hang on to one another for support. Reach out in times of need to the other branches of your growing family tree and be open to the possibilities that tomorrow can bring.

I do not wish for you smooth sailing. I wish for you adventure and lessons that only life can provide on a stormy sea. I wish for you to stumble to see your own strength and ability to lift each other in your times of need. I wish for you trust. In one another and in your choices. I wish for you humility and faith in the world around you and the people you include in your journey. This is only day one…forever is a long time so, make plans, break plans, and make some more. Take chances while you can and hold steady when you must. And, when you aren’t sure- ask for help and guidance.

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28 June 2019

Joined in marriage on this day.

Marcos & Hannah

Find joy. Be joy. Enjoy.

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