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Owning the Business of YOU.

So, who is still recovering from gluttony and bloat from Thanksgiving?

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Yup- me too. I wonder if over celebrating will damage my brand? Probably, but I make killer mashed potatoes.

Anyway ~ let’s get on with today’s lesson of building a better YOU…er…ME…US!

Okay, boys and girls, I am going to share with you tips and tricks that I have been learning while reading Personal Branding for Dummies (A Wiley Brand).

I must admit I have facepalmed a few times while reading when I realized how stupid I’ve been. But, who’s really shocked? Today I want to talk about social media and how to and NOT to use it.

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pintrest, Twitter, Videos, Tumblr…the list goes on. How many of these do you have and are you using them to benefit who you are and to achieve your goals?



Twitter: @TiciaRani


Pintrest: ticiarani

As you can see…I get around. You are welcome to look me up and follow/friend me.

But I haven’t been using my media platforms in a way that will truly benefit the brand I am attempting to build. I haven’t taken full advantage of the number of followers I have- including here on WordPress. I haven’t been consistent, clear, or constant in my posts. What that means is- I’m a bit flighty and forget to post my blogs or update Twitter or use Facebook in a way that will help me construct a stronger, more positive image.

Image result for hand slap meme gif BAD TICIA!

But, I’m learning and am taking you along for the ride. Bumps and all. One good thing I learned was your words need to match the images you post. So, if you want to be taken seriously you can’t be posting “Party girl/boy” pictures on your sites.

For example- if you are a brain surgeon you should not post pictures of yourself partying HARD. These images would take away your credibility. I’ve had enough surgeries in my life and if I saw images of my doctors riding donkeys, wearing a yellow rain slicker and polka-dot boots,¬† while downing shots of tequila I may have gotten a second opinion. Image matters. Not to say I wouldn’t laugh and ask where they rented the donkey, but I wouldn’t allow them to cut into me. Nope. Too far. Keep in mind that if your goal is to be seen in a party atmosphere then- snap away, but my goal is to bring you joy in the form of books soooo…no rain slickers for me.

We all know one of the main topics on social media right now is politics. Unless you are seeking office stay out of the arguments. Why? Your stance on any topic could sway a potential customer/client away from you and your “product.”

Example: If you are Pro-Choice, but a client is Pro-Life and you have posted arguments on your social media accounts and your client sees them it could cause them to change Image result for food fighttheir opinion of you and whatever it is you are selling. I know now that I must curb my rants on topics that are highly toxic to my brand. Don’t get me wrong. I have strong opinions and beliefs, but YOU don’t need to be subjected to them. I’ll save those conversations for my dinner table. I’m not going to stop being silly and cracking jokes on here, but I will think twice about going off on a political figure on my public pages. Well, I’ll try.

What Image result for butt wiggle happy danceI need to do is plan out a schedule for my posts and ensure my sites are linked so anything I put out there appears everywhere. See, this blog is linked to my Twitter account, LinkedIn and one Facebook page. That’s smart business. Connect your media for maximum exposure. WooHoo! I did something right. Excuse me while I dance along with this cute little dog.

Thanks- I needed that.

Today, look at all your media outlets and determine if you are using them in the best way to benefit you. Also, Google yourself. See if you show up. It might not be on the first page…maybe sixth…but the important thing is to see what it says. Is what it is saying a good thing for your image? Yes? Cool. No? It’s time to refocus how you use your accounts. It’s time to perfect the image you want the world to see- even from behind the screen of your computer/phone.

Remember the old adage- What you put out comes back three fold. – If you put out bad you get bad times three, so why not put some good out there. We can all use some good in our lives and getting it back three fold is wonderful.

I am off to make some plans to restructure and build a better platform. What are you doing today?

No matter what you do, just remember to…

Find joy. Be joy. Enjoy. (times 3) Image result for smile emoji images




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