Is it Perfection or Procrastination?

**So sorry I have been absent. I have been very busy with vendor events and markets. I am the head monkey in charge of a large group of authors who man these events every weekend. Yesterday I drove over 120 miles round trip for one of these events. It was hot, busy, and successful. Let me emphasize the hot part. Heat index of 105. So, hot barely cuts it. I thought I was gonna melt. LOL **

Let’s jump in feet first with the blog.

We all want our work to be awesome, perfect even, but there is a limit. I and my girls are creative people. As you know, I chase the words. My oldest is an artist. She did the cover for Sin Full. Our youngest is the go-to for parties and events. She set up a beautiful bridal shower this past weekend. It was extraordinary, but all she could see were the flaws. Flaws that no one else could see. We are perfectionists, which can cause us to pause, or even procrastinate.

I have learned how to jump over that ‘perfect’ wall we build. I understand the process of laying the foundation of my stories. Once that is in place, I then go back and build the structure and change the things that need fixing. Don’t get me wrong. I have gotten caught in that perfection circle. In your head you think you are still working or moving forward but you are actually stuck. This is when you start nitpicking every tiny detail.

How do you get out of this cycle? Make a list. Seriously. Make a list of everything you need to get done. Come on- you make grocery lists, chore lists, even a list for errands. This list, the one to help move around that block, should include the next steps in your work.

I have talked before about ‘building a house.’ It’s how I describe the process of writing a story. You start with a plan, then the foundation, structure, walls, roof, and only after that do we consider the decorations. It’s all about the plan, the list. Perfect, or close to it, will come. But it comes later in the process. Right now, it’s about moving beyond the block and bypassing the procrastination.

I preach the importance of having this plan in place, but you also need a plan for things away from the word chase. Plan for time outside. Design moments away from your computer, things that give you peace and clarity of mind. I ride bike and walk. I take this time to listen to music and podcasts, but I also take the time to listen to nature. I like to sit by the water along one trail I enjoy biking. It is so pretty and calming. It is a mind clearing place.

Your entire world cannot be the word chase. Some of the best things come from mistakes. Allow them to happen. Embrace them. They may take your story and your life down an amazing path. If not, you can always go back and remove them from your story. No harm. No foul. Breathe. Take time to find peace. Perfection will come in time.

Polish your sparkle and keep twirling.

Find joy. Be joy. Enjoy.

I’m always looking for new friends!

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