The Connection Between Your Hero and Their World

In the beginning there was a place.

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This is the start/finish/challenges/growth area of the story. Your tale must start somewhere. As in a physical place. A setting fit for the hero and the challenges that lay ahead. Let’s think of the poor to rich story of a young woman. I’m using a woman cuz I be one and understand the journey. So there. She begins her life in hand-me-downs and mac-n-cheese dinners. Cheap sneakers that crack when you walk and wearing her older brother’s clothes. Yup. Poor. So, what does her world look like?

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The house is simple, yet clean. Come on people- poor does not have to mean dirty and dangerous. In most cases it is simply surviving in a world that keeps taking and never giving. Now, the neighbors can be nasty and gross but not this house. This young girl decided early in life that she will not live this way when she grows up. As a teen she creates a plan of attack. Good grades, college, and world domination. Create the struggles in school and being poor. What does that look like? Is the school limited based on the local economic situation?

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What are her struggles with classmates, the community, jobs? Is there a house she promises she will live in some day? Build your story based on the world she is in. Create her struggles solely in the area she is determined to get out of.  This includes expectations of the people in this setting as well. Show the ugly side of the quaint little town. The “you will never be good enough” taunts. This is her world. Your world. It is a sad comparison, but this can fall into the slavery to freedom type of storyline. The struggle to success powerful tale.

Key Point: In most stories you write, the world is a physical expression of who your hero is and how he develops.

The world helps define your character. It shows their needs, values, desires, and the barriers standing in their way. You must start where it all starts- the struggles.

Key Point: Always ask yourself, how is the world of slavery an expression of my hero’s weakness? The world should embody, highlight, or accentuate your hero’s weakness or draw it out in its worst form.

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Hmmm…Let’s go back to our little girl and see if we can answer this. Her weakness in the beginning is…being poor. That means she does not have all she needs to thrive. Not enough of everything. This is the first and main struggle she must learn to fight as she grows and makes choices that can affect her future and goals.

Your World and Your Hero Develop Together

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They are like siblings. As they grow and change so will their world. Back to our little girl- as she advances in school, for example, someone with authority offers her opportunities and further educational growth. Access to better equipment and tools, learning materials and additional guidance. This is her world expanding as she, herself, expands. More doors are opening allowing her and her world the chance to change. In the working world this would look like, mailroom to associate, resident to doctor. It is the first step up in advancement.

There are tons of books and movies where this idea is prevalent. We are talkin’ everything from The Lord of the Rings to A Tale of Two Cities. These stories are a standard. It won’t take much to find one or 389,213.

Up next…Time in the Story World.

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P.S. this is a long flippin’ chapter. Geesh!

Until then…

Please remember that I am not trying to write this book for you word for word. I am skipping a lot of detail. I highly suggest you purchase the book and read between the lines.

Polish your sparkle and keep twirling.

Find joy. Be joy. Enjoy.

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