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Wanna watch some movies with me? I made you a list to check out. Come on- you, me, popcorn, and cocoa.

Character Technique: Two Main Characters

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Two favorite genres that we see all the time have two main characters: the love story, and the buddy picture. Now, the buddy picture can have a combo of genres like, love, action, and comedy. I think of the Will Smith movie, Hitch, as an example for this. It isn’t overly action packed but it has its moments. And…it is flippin’ hysterical. I love Kevin James.

We will talk about the love story aspect after I have filled my cuppa. Taking care of my Bindi-Girl and doing everything else in my tidy life is quite exhausting. I am now spoon feeding her and must use the handle on her harness to help her outside. She has another vet appointment today to do another blood panel. To top off the crap-tastic year that is 2020, Covid-19 hit my husband’s office. We are all now in quarantine. Don’t worry, my vet does outside/curbside visits, so Bindi will still get to see them while I wait outside the fenced area. Safe for all. Now that you have gotten another peak into my sad world, go fill your cuppa and grab some nibbles. I made Christmas cookies if you want a few. I don’t know why I made cookies since no one is coming for the holidays. I guess I just needed some normal.

I will get out the reading rug and run the vacuum over it while you get ready. Don’t forget your copy of The Anatomy of Story by John Trudy. We are on page 62 covering the section on Two Main Characters. Tuck in my friends and read along if you can. If you don’t have your copy yet, you have time. We’ll wait. Go on- buy your copy. Click the link and find a bargain! I love

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Love Stories

When writing a love story, each of your characters needs to be fully formed and equal to fit into the requirements for the character web you are gonna create. Yes? Cool. The purpose of the love story is powerful. It teaches us that we, as humans (or whatever creature you may be), are not fully defined until we let others into our lives. The story shows us that growing and becoming your authentic self occurs when we build deep connections with someone else- the couple. I do not necessarily believe this concept but this is about drafting a story so we will run with it.

You've Got Mail.jpg

Now to write this epic idea and have it develop properly your character web must be strong. The force is strong with you. Sorry- it popped into my noggin. LOL Okay, what does this web thingy mean? It means you need two characters with their own spines, desires, issues, lives- two fully developed characters with lives outside of each other. These lives can clash with their intentions. My example here is, You’ve Got Mail. I love this movie. It is fun and quick moving but creates a wonderful love story in the end.

Movie Night: Ten Tricks To Improve Your Home Cinema ExperienceMovie Night:  Ten Tricks To Improve Your Home Cinema Experience - Irish Film Critic

Wanna watch it with me? You, me, cocoa with tons of mini marshmallows, and popcorn! Tonight at…8. See you there.

I know, I know- stay focused, Ticia. These stories do have two MCs but…but…one character is the center of the story. In You’ve Got Mail it is the Meg Ryan character, Kathleen Kelly. Although she shares the story with Tom Hanks, Joe Fox, the story follows her from start to finish.

100 thoughts we had while watching all five Twilight movies in a row

When working on this type of story the question is, who is the opponent? That would be the intended love interest and anything that may stand in the way of their connection. These can include jobs, location, family, and friends. To make it more interesting, throw in another possible love interest fighting for the lead. Oooo, love triangle. I’d watch that! This allows your reader to get more involved. They get to measure all the pros and cons of the suiters. They want your main character to be with the better of the two…aka, Twilight. Which team are you on? Jacob or Edward?

Now that I have given you a few movies to watch I will close for the day. I have to get the pupper ready for the vet. Later friends!

We will jump into the Buddy story next time.

Until then…

Please remember that I am not trying to write this book for you word for word. I am skipping a lot of detail. I highly suggest you purchase the book and read between the lines.

Polish your sparkle and keep twirling.

Find joy. Be joy. Enjoy.

I’m always looking for new friends!

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