I know I have told you to reach out and chat with me but…yup, there’s a but…BUT that does not mean I want you to send me crappy ads and sales pitches. I sell nothing on my blog. I offer links to my books but it is up to you to buy or not. I make no money from this blog so why should you?

With that said…Hi, how are ya? If you really want to chat, I’m here. If, however, you are a bot or sales rep, don’t bother.

The Spam story: how the luncheon meat became a hit in Asia and beyond with  its 'taste of America' | South China Morning Post

** Why is is called Spam? I kinda like Spam. It has to be prepared right, but I do like it. Hmmm…thing to think about this wet and gloomy Sunday morning. **

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