Craft Time! Kinda.


Okay, so you need a binder.

It can be any color you like and with or without pictures. I like the binders with the clear pocket on the front and back where I can add and change the images, like, whenever I get bored. It happens. Often.

Now get some dividers and those cool clear pockets you can slip papers into.

WooHoo! I am having way too much fun prepping a binder I haven’t even explained yet. Maybe four cuppas this early was a bad idea, or maybe it wasn’t. Any-who, what we are making is a marketing binder. A whosie whatsit? Mr. Bob Mayer, author of, The Novel Writer’s Toolkit, provided a list of things he keeps in his personal binder. We will go through each one in this post.

Let’s hit the kitchen/breakroom for a refill of our cuppas and something to nibble. I see a bowl of cantaloupe in my immediate future. Yummers. What’s on your plate? There is some sharp cheddar and sliced pepperoni in the fridge. Help yourself. I’ll meet you out on the reading rug. Make sure you bring a napkin to clean up your mess and your copy of our book. We are on page 201.

Your Marketing Binder

(and what Mr. Mayer stuffs in his).

The purpose behind this binder is to have all your marketing materials close at hand.

  1. Fliers. Make sure you have separate fliers for each book you are advertising.
  2. Mr. Mayer would pass out a mail order form, but we would use a QR code to scan to purchase the book(s) electronically.
  3. A one-page bio. These are very helpful in the press releases we talked about in my last post. It is a one page reference sheet for the reporter. It should answer key questions like, your name, titles of books, release dates, websites…
  4. Fliers for retreats or other events you will be attending that you can share with customers.
  5. Advertising for any new books on the horizon. Give these out with the sale of each book.
  6. In your binder, keep a one-page synopsis of each book you have published and are working on.
  7. Copies of basic press releases.
  8. Copies of reviews for your books.
  9. Binder sheets for business cards. These sheets allow you to see each card clearly. You will be amazed the number of cards you will get throughout the process of marketing yourself and your books.

** There is more but it is not my place to take all Mr. Mayer’s work.

Get your copy today. **

Yes, this is a lot of stuff to pack into a binder, but it will come in handy. For example: I may have mentioned a half dozen times that I do a ‘farmer’s market’ each Saturday. I keep a modified binder that has a few copies of my bio and fliers for each book. I have handed them out. I was approached by a reporter as well. Nothing came of it but at least I was prepared.

The Internet

MARKET YOUR WORK HERE. Do you have social media? Do you have ALL forms of social media? I am on six social sites, seven if you count this one. Mondays are my event research day and Fridays are all about marketing. I hit each of these sites and leave an electronic flier and polite yet aggressive marketing for myself and books. Mr. Mayer has said this multiple times throughout this book…No one else cares as much about you book as you do.

Prove it.

Do the work to get it out there for the world to see and read.

Until next time…

Please remember that I am not trying to write this book for you word for word. I am skipping a lot of detail. I highly suggest you purchase the book and read between the lines.

Polish your sparkle and keep twirling.

Find joy. Be joy. Enjoy.

I’m always looking for new friends!

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