Character Arc: Make the Flaw Serious

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No body is perfect.

Our character’s flaw is crucial to the tale we are telling. First the flaw can set a hook that interests the readers. It gives the reader a reason to care about your character. The fact that the MC has a flaw lets your reader know that this character has the potential to become the hero in the end or not. Second, the

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Life can be a very bumpy road.

flaw can narrow your story choices. The events in your story need to be more focused on the flaw and the battle your character faces while working through them. Whatever flaw you decide to work with, it should hinder your MC from living a full life. After time, a few trials and errors, your MC will make it from point A to point B, allowing your character to change for the better or fail in their attempt. Hey, it happens. We all trip now and then. So, yes, failing is an option. I do it regularly to remind myself that I am indeed…human-ish.

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LOVE this movie! Hotel Transylvania.

Hi. My name is Ticia and I am flawed. Human? -ish. How about you? Cookie? Human? Hungry? Oooo…hungry. So, today we will enjoy apple and pear slices with Greek vanilla yogurt and a cuppa tea. What is your nibble of choice this crazy day? What’s in your cuppa? Coffee, tea, soda…rum. We won’t judge. Bear with me today. I am soooo tired. I had two book signing events over the weekend and need to recover. That was a whole lotta people and someone breathed their funk on me. Gross.

Read along with me.

Now I am battling a bug of epic proportions. Either way, let’s get our copy of Take Off Your Pants! by Libbie Hawker and get into the flaws we all have and need to read about.

Back to the boo-boos in life or books. A reminder, these are options not requirements. There are many other difficulties a character can face to motivate them and your story. Many authors fear the “same same” feeling in their stories. Like the plot and motivations are the same. As I mentioned, you can find other motivating factors. For example: finding true love, dealing with a death, and being a teenager. <– That one alone has spurred on many books. Cuz being a teen can suck and offer great content.

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Embrace it. Build upon it. Solve it.

Back to the Big Bad Flaw. For a flaw to draw our attention as readers it needs to be an obvious obstacle. One they can overcome. It needs to have a way to impede your character from finding happiness but still offer solace in the end. You cannot overcome blindness, being deaf, or even being paralyzed and in a wheelchair, BUT what your character can overcome is how they cope and eventually thrive in their lives. Flaws can shape your story in multiple ways. It is the point of the story and explains the end. Its all about getting better, overcoming, or even, failing with a flourish.

Thoughts? Flaw or no flaw?

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Polish your sparkle and keep twirling.

Find joy. Be joy. Enjoy.

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