The Core to Every Story

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Ahaaa…the classics.
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And the quirky fun side.

The story is a very particular thing and readers respond to aspects of the deep-down, core elements of the tale being told. Most people aren’t even aware of it. The ability to identify the heart of the story and to see that it is nearly the same as any other good story is a revelation. Let me give you a personal a-ha moment. I’m weird, as we all know, and I love…LOVE Taming of the Shrew. Like, really love it. I also love the movie; 10 Things I hate About You. Any idea why? Well, if you didn’t catch it right away its okay. Neither did I. After thinking about it I realized that they, Taming of the Shrew and 10 Things I hate about You…are the same story just told differently. One, medieval and the other a modern-day interpretation. Either way, the same. Most of the time we don’t see the similarities because of good, sound, storytelling. But if you look down deep you will find that most of your FAVORITES are quite alike.

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A real page turner.

Hi! I’m Ticia and I am weird. Hello fellow weirdos. So, we are gonna be chatting about the Core. The center, the heart of the story. How poetic…or not. Let’s get to our core on my crazy mash-up of a page and warm our cuppa (or cool it), and sneak into our lunch sacks and steal the sweet nibbles we packed for later. Life is short and on my posts, you can have the bloomin’ cookie if you want to. Cool? Cool. Now go dig out your brand spankin’ new copy of Take Off Your Pants! by Libbie Hawker. Gotta love that title. It definitely gets your attention.

We are now gonna jump in and learn about The Story Core. Think on the idea of a Core. Like I did in the intro to this post, I showed you how I found the core of two stories were the same. Do that. What books, movies, plays, ballets, even music have similar if not identical Cores? They are out there. Learn to pay attention to the deeper aspects.

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The Story Core has five elements:

  1. A character…duh.
  2. The character wants something…double duh.
  3. But something is standing in the way of getting what they want easily.
  4. He/She struggles against said force.
  5. And either he/she succeeds or fails

Ta Da! The core of every story. No, really. It is the core of every story, song, and play. Now, are they all crystal clear and written in bright colors? Nope. But they are there.  If the story is compelling enough, you’ll find the Story Core. When the Story Core is treated with the outlining method we will learn ahead, it will grab hold of the mind and make it nearly impossible to look away. If you have a copy of our amazing book you will see that Ms. Hawker goes on to describe 5 well known books and explains how the cores are similar by breaking down the 5 elements listed above.

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More to learn ahead.
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Give me your attention!!! Love me!!

It’s all about the bare-bones, deep rooted elements that are always present in a well written, well structured story. The Story Core is the hook that pulls in your reader and captures their attention.

Do I have your attention?

Polish your sparkle and keep twirling.

Find joy. Be joy. Enjoy.

I’m always looking for new friends!


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