Around the Writer’s Block: Don’t Give in and Don’t Give Up

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Stop the sabotage.

Our saboteurs aren’t gonna go away- ever. Keep in mind, you do not have to be nice. You do not have to allow those little jerks to ruin your life. Nope. What we must do is pay attention to which of the saboteurs shows

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The UGLY journal is kind cute.

their face the most. Take note, is it the Attacker, Enticer, Innocent, Protector, or the Unlucky. Learn how to put a name to the face of the saboteur that is most active in your world. What are they saying? Keep a journal of the terrible things you say to yourself. Now, this is not a journal to go back to and read for a good time. No, this is to track the saboteurs and how to correct how you respond. The goal is to see them coming and prevent some of the chaos they intend to create.

Image result for bad self esteem monster
No, it’s not.

My saboteurs were ugly this morning. So far, I have called myself fat, told myself to go back to bed no one wants to see me, and that I am worthless. Ok, Negative Nancy, we need to have a little chat. I know these things aren’t true. Well, I am a bit fluffy but that’s not the point. The point is I saw Negative Nancy coming and told her to ‘shhhh.’ I am awesome. You can agree. No, really, you can agree. Heck, you can tell me in a comment down below. 😊 Anywho- grab your copy of our lovely book o’knowledge, Around the Writer’s Block by Rosanne

Image result for my inner monster
Fill your cuppa.

Bane and flip to page 192. Don’t forget to top off your cuppa and grab a nibble. I am having water and hummus with crackers. It is a bit later than my normal writing time, so my nibbles are more lunch friendly. And…I like hummus.

Okie dokie, let’s talk about the jerk face that called me fat. It was me. I know it was me and I saw me coming. I woke up a bit grouchy and took it out on myself. I saw the Attacker and told them to take a flying leap. I did not have time for their pettiness. When you start to see them coming you will be more aware of how to tell them off. Not today Unlucky. Move on Attacker.   Be gone Enticer…you get the picture. Don’t let them call the shots. They do not get to plan your day based on their nastiness. Sweetie, you have far too much to do to allow these pests in. You won’t hold them off every time. We all have a weak moment. The goal is to push them off as soon as you understand what is going on and prevent them from taking over.

Once you recognize and contain your saboteurs you can write your own success story. That’s right! You will be able to write…your story.

On page 195 there is a freewrite challenge to identify your saboteur. There is no right or wrong answer. The answers are true to you.

  1. If my saboteur had a color, it would be:
  2. If my saboteur had a shape, it would be:
  3. If my saboteur had a texture, it would be:
  4. If my saboteur had a sound, it would be:
  5. If my saboteur had a smell, it would be:
  6. If my saboteur had a name, it would be:
  7. If my saboteur were an animal, it would be:
  8. If my saboteur were a natural disaster, it would be:
  9. If my saboteur were a fictional character, it would be:
Image result for funny monster mugshot
NO! He’s innocent.

Draw their mug shot. Don’t worry if drawing isn’t your strong suit. The idea is to see the face of your saboteur as best as you can. Sometimes, while you are drawing you will see details you never saw before. Play with colors and shapes. There are no rules. Now that you have their image, give them a rap sheet- murder of hope, assault on your self-esteem, pillager of your creative energy…put the blame where it belongs.

Now evict them. Tell them they are no longer welcome. Move forward and prepare for Chapter 9- Four Steps to Resolving Resistance.

Until next time…draw your saboteur. Share them with me.

Author: Ticia Rani

I am...interesting. I am a writer, dreamer, mom, wife, veteran, friend, villain, and the wearer of many hats, but I don't look good in hats- go figure. I LOVE TO WRITE. I want to tell stories. I want to make you laugh, cry, and scare the crap out of you, and make you ask "why the hell did you do that?" I want to make you cheer my characters on or want to shake the crap out of them for things they say and/or do. I want to bring you along for the ride. Ready? Set?...READ!!!

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