Sorry, not sorry. I’m BACK~

Image result for cute vacay imagesI am soooooo sorry! Well…no, I’m actually not sorry. I went on an impromptu vacation. You, it was just as much a surprise to me as it was to you. TaDa! Sorry, not sorry. But I am back and ready to get down to business.

Where were we? Oh! Yes- we were working with Personal Branding for Dummies (A Wiley Brand). You know the routine. Grab a cuppa whatever suits your needs, a nibble or two, and you copy of the book we are taking this journey through.

Image result for ready. set goReady? Let’s do this!

We had been learning about body language and just finished the face. Let’s move on to…posture. You know- the reason your mom always yelled at you to sit up straight. Wait, was that only mine? Either way, you are now grown and have no one to remind you to stand up straight or sit up straight- So I will.

STAND UP STRAIGHT!Image result for mom shaking finger cartoon

Posture really does matter. Picture it…you and three others from your department are sitting in a meeting with a few upper management people who are looking to promote one of you to a position. Of the other three there is one who is slouched so low in his/her seat you can barely see their head. Person number two can’t seem to lift his/her head high enough to look the interviewers in the eye. Person three has his/her arm hung Image result for chillin in a chair funnyover the back of the chair while chewing gum. Okay- this is a fantasy and I would pray that the people you work with aren’t this lackadaisical about a possible promotion, but let’s run with it. Now to you. Pleeease- sit up straight. Look them in the eye when they address you or ask a question of the group. Be clear and concise in how you answer and shake everyone of their hands when the interview is completed. You got the job and the others may face disciplinary actions or dismissal- cuz they were awful. LOL

There is an appropriate time to lean. When you are in a meeting and someone important is speaking, slightly lean in there direction. Image result for leaningThis sends a message to them and everyone else that you are engaged in the topic being discussed. The opposite of this would be the dude in the paragraph above who was so chill you could barely see his head. Don’t do that. That sends a message of ignorance and disrespect.

It is time to start paying attention to how your posture represents you. Take a moment, right now, and assess how you are sitting/ standing? What message are you relaying?
Have you ever seen someone walking through your office building, on the street, or even in a store and thought, “I want to be like them.” Why did you think that? What was it that drew your attention? Did they appear confident? Were they standing straight and looking ahead and not at the floor? How your carry yourself is important. Just walking down the hall at work you should be expressing your worth with every step you take. Greet the people you pass and look forward, not at your feet.

So, as a reminder…


Your parents will be so proud.

Polish your sparkle and just keep twirling.
Find joy. Be joy. Enjoy.
I’m always looking for new friends! 😊

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