Adulting in today’s world

I am an adult. Based solely on my chronological age- 47+- I am required to be adulting. I don’t want to adult I just am an adult. It is my job to be responsible and trustworthy and know right from wrong…BUT…

How is it that some people who are within the adulting age NOT be adults? How is it acceptable for these people to be as childish as a 12-year-old- wait- that would be an insult to a 12-year-old. Why do they think that it is okay to be a giant baby monster? Good Lawd! Quit whining and tattling and spreading rumors like a child. Is your life so boring that stirring up trouble is all you have to focus on? If that’s the case- Get A Hobby!

childishIs there a cut-off point for being a sneaky whiny snake in the grass? Is there an age when it just becomes a sad spectacle of childish behavior? What is this magic number? Please tell me so I may share your wisdom with the world.

821px-Red_Checkmark.svgSerious question- if you have someone within your orbit who is being childish and demanding and just a, straight up, pain in the ass, what do you do? Do you remove them? Do you ignore them? Or do you point it out and call them on their actions?

I think I need a nap…or maybe they do.

Image result for nap time meme

As always my friends-

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Find joy. Be joy. Enjoy.

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