A bit of housekeeping.

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I miss Robin Williams.

I want to warn you I took an amazing class this weekend: Build Your Author Platform and Develop a Sustainable Business, taught by Jane Friedman. Because of all the information offered I will be playing around with my blog page. Titles and images may change along with some formatting, widgets (a what?), and all the other things I have no idea how to work. I will try to make this blog as appealing to you as possible, just bear with me as I learn how it all works. As I do all of this, let me know what changes you do or don’t like. You have all been so helpful in the past, let’s build a better page. Remember, I am doing all of this while struggling through time change. I hate time change. They say you get an extra hour of sleep, but when you have dogs you get NOTHING. Especially a puppy!

Little Frankie and his wonderful “big sister,”,Bindi.

I will have a new post for you tomorrow.

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