Be a Bragging Freak~

Image result for free freak flag imageBe loud! Be proud! You are a bit of a freak. Well, we all have a touch of the oddly strange, but some of us cultivate it like it’s our own personal garden.

Be whatever kind of freak you want but I’m talking about the creative type…artists, writers, playwrights…that kind of freak.

What flavor of freak are you? What makes you different, unique, odd even? This is your hidden gift that isn’t so well hidden. In my younger days, I was a poet and a pretty good one, but I remember being picked on in school for it. I remember being picked on at home for it- but I love it to this day. Today, I write fiction. Urban fantasy and general fiction are within my wheelhouse. I’m a freak. I am proud to fly my flag and send out the signal to likeminded weirdos everywhere.

Image result for free image crazy group of friends comicYou know you’re not alone, right? You know we are everywhere. You need to find your group, your tribe, your gaggle of friend-freaks. The people who will understand your journey because they are on the same path. These are the faces of your future. Make friends. Have regular meetings and discuss the worlds you share.

According to Personal Branding for Dummies (A Wiley Brand)- these are your people. You are human after all. You may be odd, strange, quirky, gonzo, offbeat, wacky, weird, off the wall, flaky, peculiar…well, you get the picture. But you are also human (I think) and humans need interaction and comradery. Find your tribe and build your future together.

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Raise your hand if you were taught that bragging was rude.

It turns out pride is not a crime. Realizing what makes you proud of yourself is a good thing. Knowing your strengths (yesterday’s blog- READ IT) is important in building the brand you want.

Think about it- I am selling myself to you every day by showing you that words are my passion. I am PROUD of the way I can construct a sentence and make you laugh with a turn of phrase and I AM GOOD AT IT. The only way to sell me to you is to tell you why you need me in your life.

1. I give good advice.

2. I am willing to research and learn any topic I want to talk about.

3. I am intelligent.

4. I am flippin’ funny.

5. I’m kinda adorable…in an old lady odd kinda way.

And I didn’t even slow down and think about those five things. I want you to read the words I offer and to do that I must be able to confidently speak of the things I know …BRAG about me.

Picture yourself walking into a store and you are greeted by a salesperson. This salesperson begins to regale you with the amazing things their product can do. They list off on each finger the truly astounding things his/her handy, dandy, nifty, and shiny gadget can do to make your life easier…

Image result for handy dandy

What if you were the gadget? What would you say to me to get me to invest in you?

Think about it…and while you do…

Find joy. Be joy. Enjoy.


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