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Hi, my name is Olivia Carpenter and this is my hair raising, lumpy, bumpy journey. Wanna come? Sure, you do. There’re laughs, fist fights, bra-burning parties, nasty drama filled girl snits, baby showers, and death. Let’s not forget that part. Come on, grab a coffee, tea, wine- Oh! Wine, *sigh* Anyway, have a seat and get comfy cuz I have a story to tell.

Did you know the average life span is 28, 835 days? If that didn’t feel short enough, let’s cut that in half?

We each have a finite amount of days, but, on average, we don’t know how many that is. I do. I know my number because it has been stamped on my medical file- Terminal. The question is, how do you live when you know your time is short?

My end started on a cold examination table wearing a

threadbare gown.

Turns out, I was hiding a killer under my skin, breast cancer, and it was not a fight I was going to win.

This is how my family and friends learned to live, laugh, and love with my expiration date looming in the background.


is here!

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