Crash, Burn, and Sparkle

Image result for free empty pocketsI got busted with empty pockets today. I don’t mean cash. I was asked for a business card and didn’t have any with me. What? YOU didn’t have your business cards!!??

Nope- Stupid, stupid, stupid! In my defense, I was at the gym, but this is proof that your brand doesn’t take a day off. You must be prepared at all times for someone to approach you. If your goal is to make a name for yourself in whatever field you are pursuing- then be prepared.

I had to scribble my information down on a scrap of paper for this person. Embarrassing. I am not a “scribble on a piece of paper” kind of person. I chastised myself the entire ride home. BAD TICIA! But, I learned and put a few cards in my gym bag for future encounters. Hopefully, this will show you what I have been trying to put out there. Building the business of YOU is no joke and happens EVERYDAY not just at the office.

20181206_101541-1.jpgI checked my wallet, purse, binders, and phone case to make sure I had cards everywhere. I may even stash a few in our vehicles.

Personal branding is a form of self-management. It is a way to form how others see you. It’s a way of giving yourself permission to be who you truly are. I met with a friend about a site she is building and I told her that what I saw wasn’t her. It was too formal. When you have a quirky, sarcastic sense of humor (like me) why hide it under a rock. Whip it out for the world to see. It makes people more comfortable when they know you have a lighthearted way about you. Share it. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t show your professional side- it’s about finding the happy middle between ‘WooHoo’ and ‘Let’s get to work.’

There are enough people out there who will tell you who to be and how to act. Be true to you, if you are ballsy enough. But remember, in doing so you are pulling back the curtain to who you “really” are to the world. Even I keep some things tucked closely to my chest. Hey, a girl has to have a few secrets to make herself interesting and mysterious. Image result for female eyes cartoon sexy free

There is a tidbit of information I want to share and the title of this page, New ink. Used ideas., will help. I am a writer and work with many others in their journey of hunting and capturing words and I have heard a few say- “It’s been written before.”

Well, maybe it has, but was it written by YOU? You have the new ink to add to an old idea. Think about it- how many vampire, werewolf, and Frankenstein books/movies have you seen? TONS! That is because they took an old idea and made it theirs. They made it new.  Hey, who would have ever thought that vampires could sparkle? Stephenie Meyer did and look at the success she has gained from her fresh ink and an old idea.

We see things differently. We see in different shades and hear in differing tones. Even twins vary in some way. Your ideas are unique. So, write the story in your words. Make them sparkle. It’s okay.

***I have a cool idea that I hope to be sharing with all of you in a few days. Be prepared to make some choices in how I build MY brand.***

Until then-

Find joy. Be joy. Enjoy.

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