R.I.P. Mag-pie

Mag-pawI am sorry I have been silent for a few weeks now. I had something, well someone, more important to focus on.

It is with absolute sadness that we share the news that our beautiful Maggie has made her journey across the rainbow bridge.

Over the course of the last two weeks, Maggie and I had many conversations about absolute love, devotion, and true friendship. We talked of supporting those we love, trust and which is better on a biscuit, cream cheese or peanut butter. We never did agree on that one.

She reminded me that it was okay to stop and enjoy the warmth of the sun on my skin and to take every opportunity to curl up with your favorite person on any given night. Mag-pie showed me that nothing feels better than a hard scratch in a place you can never seem to reach on your own or having your hair/fur stroked by someone who loves you.

She taught me to be a better person- to myself. Mags showed me that I deserve the best from myself and those I open my heart to. I learned by example to declare my love without hesitation. Don’t worry- I won’t lick you like she would…maybe.

Image result for rainbow bridgeShe gave me her favorite stuffed monkeys to hold when I needed to remember her and she promised to look in on us from time to time. I won’t need the monkeys to remember but it will be helpful to hold something she loved to play and sleep with.

I sent her off with a list of names of friends to look up when she crossed over. I shared with her stories of other friends I have known that took that journey and how wonderful they were. Babe, Mugsy, Oliver, and Elvin would be there to show her all the best places to nap.

I told her I wasn’t ready. She said I was. She taught me all she could and it was now time for me to stand on my own with the lessons she gave me. It was her time to be free from her brittle body and feel the breeze again on her face as she ran.

I had the honor of holding her and loving her until the end. I stroked her head, looked her in her eyes and thanked her for loving me as I loved her. I promised her it was okay to go and so she did.

I lied. I’m still not ready, but she is running and making new friends, and because of her, I will do the same.

The saddest sight in my home is a very large empty dog bed. The one here in my office is silent. I would talk plot lines and characters with her and she would look at me with love and pity at my attempts at great literature. At least I was able to write her into a book. My Maggie will live forever in those pages and will be shared with the world.


Rest in peace, Maggie.

I will love you forever and a day.

***Love your fur babies as they love you.***

Find joy. Be joy. Enjoy

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