Kool Beanz Cafe~ A Place For Coffee & Friends

Kool BeanzNothing beats a hometown café. The place to be in my lovely corner of the world is Kool Beanz café located in downtown Granite City, Il. It is where you are greeted with a hearty “Good morning’, and the offer of an amazing cup of coffee and a menu full of delicious food.

These amazing people take the time to know you and connect with you. A place where inside jokes are shared because you have been there sooo many times. A place where they know the quirks of your dietary needs and don’t hesitate to check on their own products to see if it is, in fact, gluten-free. LOL

Friday’s are my day. It is the day I meet with friends and share a meal and multiple cups of coffee. We tell tall tales and give advice whether the other wants it or not, we share ideas, opinions, our thoughts on world issues, and then make plans for further gatherings.

VickiWe are welcomed like Norm was on the old TV show Cheers. We have our normal spot and settle in for a few hours with friends. The owner, and friend, Vicki, will stop by and say hello and touch base with all of us. She is quick with a smile and warm gesture as she skirts around the room to ensure we are all happy and comfortable. I wonder sometimes if she knows how much it means to us that she cares and wants success and happiness for all of us in this awesome little town. Maybe she knows now. **Wink, wink**

Wanna look at or purchase art by local artists? Well, this is the place to go! The colors of paintings, hand stitched journals, jewelry, locally sourced honey, yarn work items, and fanciful duct tape rose pens dance around the room. Items come in and go out quickly in the hands of customers and workers alike. The sparkle and draw of these unique treasures only compete with the smiles of the people lucky enough to work there and those of us blessed enough to call it ‘Our Place.’

Everyone deserves a place where you are known and welcome. A place where you can sit alone but never feel alone. A place where people at the next table laugh along with your jokes and share a few of their own. A place where strangers are only friends you haven’t met yet. This is that place. This is where you go to feel welcome, where you go to feel like you belong to something bigger than yourself. A place to come for a great cup of coffee, amazing food, and an atmosphere that will draw you in and make you want to sit a while and watch the world through the windows.

The world slows a touch when I am gripping a steaming mug and laughing at my friend’s tales of crazy family members and nutty pets antics or laughing just at hard at my own telling of my lack of grace or how my foot tripped me. I am funny after all and my foot trips me a lot.



Stop by sometime, have a seat, and enjoy the space. Tell them you read about them on my blog. You won’t get anything special for it but they will smile and welcome you in anyway.

Until next time friends…

Find joy. Be joy. Enjoy.

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